Overview, CCP will do it simple one day?

Please, CCP, change this mess.

Overview is such complicated today, with all these NPC.

Only for “Entity”, there is 183 items, this is just insane.

And do not talk about overview pack, i want to CCP fix this mess.

Make it more simple and user-friendly.

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But how would you make this Entity category simpler? The granularity is kind of necessary and desirable because different overview settings want different subobjects of an object class added, for instance only Roaming Blood Raider Battleship but not Roaming Blood Raider Frigates.

Especially in the Entities tab, however, you could ease a lot of the subjective mess if you put those those things into subcategory headers like in subfolders in the new bookmark system. There could be a subcategory Roaming Blood Raider ships, which you could right click to Add All to the setting or expand to add individual things to the setting. This would not remove granularity but conceal it since it is not necessary to see it most of the time.

You know what’s worse? That you use transparency for windows. You deliberately make menus and windows harder to read.

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