Improvement in antialiasing on dx11

Until recently, antialiasing of all levels rendered the screen black (using nvidia gtx770 on ubuntu 64 bit).
However, now antialiasing works… but not completely. When antialiasing is set to anything but “disabled”, the map screens rendedrs text only - names of systems and such - and no graphics. This means I cannt scan with antialiasing enabled. I hope this will be resolved as well.
I use wine-staging 3.10 and nvidia-396 proprietary driver.

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Nvidia 396.24.02 and linux-launcher-wine-hq-master using dx9 AA does indeed work; but only up to medium as the high requires dx11. Here the Map also renders properly. Using plain vanilla windows launcher on wine 3.11 with dx9 AA also works (up to medium of course). The map also rendered properly.

The screen is black again on dx11 (pretty sure with both versions of the launcher and both versions of wine). I can confirm that the map is also black on dx11 with AA enabled. The other day I could have sworn that I had dx11 and AA working also, and I certainly would have noticed if the map was fubar.

I’m on a 750Ti similar to yours. Anybody got a 10xx series or some other hardware to test on?

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Downgraded to 390.48 today during a system upgrade.
On dx11 again, and AA works. jaggies all smoothed out.
Confirm map is still all black with AA on.

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