DX11 broken with Wine 4.12.1?

Today I wanted to give it another try with DX11 but except for a black screen I didn’t got any result. I am on Wine 4.12.1, is it possible that DX11 is broken with this version of Wine as it was working for me (with bad performance) in the past with older versions of Wine?

Have EVE with dx11 and 64bit on wine 4.12.1 running. Using Manjaro with nvidia-driver 4.30.26, dxvk 1.3 no problems so far. Using the native evelauncher as always.

I am using Ubuntu, but my interest in switching to Manjaro gets bigger every day.

Isn’t the all black screen a hint that AA was turned on by accident?

Unfortunatelly disabling Anti-Aliasing doesn’t help :frowning:

Maybe was this a bug or regression in wine version 4.12.1 which was fixed in version 4.13.

Yes, indeed! Its fixed now and I Even have the Impression that the Performance of DX 11 improved!

Thank you for the hint.

For the final perfection I am missing a fix for the Black cubes appearing in space instead of some of the nebulae.

Disable or lower Postprocessing in the Graphics Settings.

Indeed, setting Shader Quality to “low” solves this problem, because no nebulae are shown any more. But the whole scenery looks ugly.

So basically I have now the choice between

  • DX 9 with great speed, good look but some minor glitches, and
  • DX 11 with mediocre speed, and
    • either good look and massive glitches, or
    • ugly look and no glitches…

Hmmm a though choice, i think I stick with DX 9 for the moment.

There isn’t a way to just disable nebulae? I think this was possible in the past. But I couldn’t find this option any more.

I would really like to know if this “black cubes” bug is a wine or an Nvidia driver issue. Do you have any idea?

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