Arch Linux DX11 poor performance

Hi, I’m having some performance troubles. Ostensibly, I have wine 3.8 (I used the wine-git package from the AUR). The game does run under DX11, but the performance is terrible, like 2-5 FPS terrible. I have a GTX 970. What can I do to improve performance? And do I need to provide more info?

First of all, did you have some reason to use wine-git from AUR? The wine version from multilib are newer and maybe more stable and faster than wine-git. I would give it a try.

The wine version from the official repos gets the same performance (on DX11, much better on DX9), so I will happily switch back. I imagine a good first step might be to turn off the debug output and see what that does? Would using DXVK help significantly too? How can I tell if my GPU is compatible with Vulkan?

EDIT: Okay, I’ve fixed the performance issues under DX11 by using the wine version from multilib, and DXVK. However, the visuals appear to look the same. I’m not 100% convinced it’s actually using DX11. How can I check?

EDIT: Ctrl-F. And it reports DX9. Damn. Okay, how can I force it to use DX11?

Set environment variable


before start EVE Online for checking DXVK is running.
But STRG+F show dx9 then doesn’t work. Check your installation for vulkan support for both architectures, 64bit and 32bit.

I feel silly. I completely forgot to install the 32-bit version. :yum: So now it’s using DX11.

Nice to hear that. To suppress DXVK for error messages only set environment variable


too. And for wine i’m using


so that wine only show errors and warnings.

I’ll set those. Weird thing is, it doesn’t seem to like when I switch desktops. I use i3 as my WM, and if I switch to a different desktop it hangs and I have to kill it… I don’t know why, though. Is it my WM?

I’m using XFCE on Debian testing and Manjaro. Did you running EVE in Fullscreen? I’m using Fullscreen windowed.

I’ve tried all three settings; same result, even on the character select screen. The instant I switch to another VDT, it freezes. Guess for now I’ll just have to avoid doing that. :yum:

You can wine start without managing the window. Set it up with winecfg. But it should be the last ressort. The setting in winecfg was called ‘Emulate a virtual desktop’ and set your desktop resolution there.

Get the latest Nvidia driver. Either 296.24.10 or 296.45. Both have the fix, which solves the freezing issue.

If you somehow cannot get the newer driver installed then set “Allow Flipping” to disabled. This is apparently one of the causes for the freezes and needed to be fixed by Nvidia.

Arch Linux use nvidia-396.24.0 and Manjaro since yesterday nvidia-396.45.0. If he use Arch then are this an option with disable flipping. On Manjaro are this not needed anymore.

How do I disable flipping? I have nvidia-396.24-18. Do I need to install the newer driver manually?

EDIT: Found the answer. Needed to get nvidia-settings. Somehow I neglected to install that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, i and @Whitehound forgot to mention, that nvidia-settings are an extra package on most linux distributions and “Allow Flipping” was set there, which are per default enabled.
You use atm on Arch the version 396.24.0, the suffix -18 are the package revision, not the version from the driver himself.


Don’t creep me into your apology, @Gharim_Turen. If you think you must apologize for not mentioning every detail then at least stand on your own two feet when you do.

I expect from people who want help to have basic problem solving skills or at least the ability to ask, which OP did. There is nothing to apologize for.

Ok, i apologize for the apology :sweat_smile:

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