Wine 3.0

wine 3.0 is out.

I guess it will have a lots of bugs at first. :smiley:

It works for me, but only with DX9.

DX11 I get as far as seeing my ship enter the hangar before it crashes. It’s probably a mesa issue, though.

i965: Failed to submit batchbuffer: Input/output error

I tried it with the 64 bit prefix and enabled d3dx11 in winetricks. Further disabled directx9 in eve launcher settings. Game starts but I have a black screen. except I can fly around and I see the hud.

directx 9 mode works fine with the new version.

My system runs with linux mint 18 xfce and nvidia-384.111 (prop. driver). Not sure if I have to enable some more things in winetricks.

Yeay!!! Same here just with an AMD RX 480 and wine 3.0 staging. But somehow the client still doesn’t recognize the dx11 thing.

been using dx11 for a year now and had no issue.

AT FIRSt it was buggy, then it was laggy, now it’s just a bit more CPU intensive. I run in potato mode all the time, otherwise cops come to tell me to stop the noise from my comp taking off. (I’m barely exagerating here - but I launch three accounts at the time)

have you tried turning dx9 off in the launcher settings?

Oh yes they have been off for a while now. But the monitor in client still shows dx9 (the CTRL+f one).

Tried it yesterday, and it worked! Wine 3.0 vanilla, nvidia gtx 1070 with the latest drivers. Compared to dx9, I got decreased fps (30 vs 70 with max settings and 4k res) and some minor graphical artifacts. Otherwise it’s good to go.

Works fine for me (GTX 1060) but only with DX9. With DX11 I still get the same bugs I had before: That awful sun flare flickering, and anti-aliasing turns the whole screen black.

I tried to make it run with

apt remove winehq-staging
apt autoremove
apt install winehq-stable

I had a broken pipe but running apt install worked.

Then I have segfaults when running Eve.

went back to 2.x

Give it a little time and wait for wine 3.01 or 02.

The 3.0 release is not really a big jump in changes if you used one of the recent 2.x releases. Only if you used the last stable 2.0 and I doubt EVE was even running with that.

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