Improvements to gates

In faction warfare this would be pretty cool. You could have 2 NPC fleets fighting it out on a gate for example… That would add to the atmospheric gameplay of being in a faction based war.

Would be interested to hear CCP’s thoughts. Fly safe everyone o/

That’s an awful lot of words to cover “I jumped into a pretty much permanently camped system and got blapped”

Oijanen has been camped for… Ohhh ages and ages. Used to be most entry points were the same, though not so much these days it seems.

If you’re going into Geminate, as others suggest try wormholes or filaments. If you’re travelling that pipe, there are other routes available. If you were coming home from null, border/proximity is your risk-free option (though pricey).

As for your newbro routine… They won’t know how to avoid it the first time. Then, they will learn, or die again. And again. And again. Such is life in New Eden.

There are ships which can easily walk through those gate camps as if it’s nothing.

Use one of those ships. Or work together with a friend in one of such ships who scouts ahead to see whether it’s safe for you to follow.

Alternatively, swap 2 low slots for inertial stabilizers on that Garmur and they’ll have a lot of trouble catching you at low sec gate camps.

“Oijanen has been camped for… Ohhh ages and ages. Used to be most entry points were the same, though not so much these days it seems.” = everyone got fed up of being blown up by permanent gatecamps and left the game.

“There are ships which can easily walk through those gate camps as if it’s nothing” - An Anthema (Covert Ops Frigate) ,with 4 inertial stabilisers II and 2 low friction nozzle joints II, has an align time of 2.84 seconds.

You cannot escape a gate camp in a cover ops T2 ship with full alignment rigs before getting pointed.

You’re making two mistakes there.

  1. You’re trying the ‘align fast enough so they cannot target me’ strategy in a ship that aligns in more than 2 seconds.
  2. You’re not using a cloak on a CovOps ship.

If you would turn on your CovOps cloak of that Anathema or pick another ship that aligns within 2 seconds (your Garmur, but with 2 inertial stabs for example) you can pass that camp without getting pointed.

Who said I wouldn’t hit cloak as I align? Cloaks pop in proximity to objects, so the general strategy is for tackle pilots to simply burn towards cloaky ships.

You aren’t escaping, simple as.

My point is that you should not have no choice other than to jump into a gatecamp.

It is safer to run the abyss, than it is to enter low-sec. Simple.

For clarity sake -

I have run hundreds of abyssal sites. T4+. On the rare occasion that I have died, it was entirely avoidable, or my internet.

I regularly dart about low-sec in FW. I tend not to spend more than 50M on a FW fighting ship. I avoid systems that I have learned to be heavily camped (the hard way usually).

I fly in null in exploration ships only very occasionally now. I usually pull in about 100m per exploration outing. It’s worth it for fun, but I never expect to make it back alive (yes… I take wormholes back…). It’s a coin flip. Either I end up with enough isk to pay for my ship twice over, or I loose the ship when jumping systems (because forget about filamenting every single jump).

If i’m flying an Anthema, I intend to go to null. Usually certain regions of null that I know to house high value loot. I filament in. I scan all gates (from moons usually… I like moons). If it seems safe, then i’ll take the jump. 4/10 times there will be a Sabre on the other side. If there is, your best option is to cloak immediately and either slowly work your way around to the other side of the gate (don’t go straight there, as he will burn into you and cut you off), or to work your way out of the bubble and warp off.

In low-sec, if I jump a gate and land in a camp, it’s going to be a big camp (usually) and there is often fast point (sensor boosters, immediate lockup). You are dead as soon as you land on grid. You have a minute’s gate cloak to ponder why CCP maintain this “permanent” gate camp concept. You then avoid system, and never jump it again.

When I was a new player, I lost a few Asteros. I learned something most times. Eventually I learned that there are some times in this game where you simply roll a 1 and get popped. Usually this is around gate camps.

I will simplify this concept for you:

There is a smartbombing Macharial battleship. He logged on 1 minute ago. He is sitting 10k off the gate, front and centre. You are in an insta-warp intercepter. You take the gate. You land on top of him.

He notices that someone has joined local (1 new pilot in a local system with just himself). He activates his smart bombs.

You die. GG WP. Thanks for playing.

Aight. I’m done with my feature enhancement idea (I mean “Garmur loss rant”).

You don’t have to use a gate to enter lowsec, you can go in via a WH that leads to lowsec. WH’s can enter high, low and null too, not just W-space.

Literally the first rule of eve:

  • Never fly something (or with something in the cargo) you can’t afford to lose. Yes, not even in highsec. Meaning that you should not fly a ship you cannot afford to replace and refit.

Good tackle pilots can indeed decloak slowrt aligning ships, but good luck decloaking a CovOps ship that aligns in 3 seconds.

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Have you tried fitting an interdiction nullifier? It’s pretty much impossible to get caught if you fly that Anathema well.

First: that is some serious bad luck to take a gate and get into system exactly on top of a smartbombing battleship.

Luckily he’s on your gate (rather than en route to the next gate where they usually surprise and kill frigates pilots who forget to dscan), so when he activates the smartbombs you can drop gate cloak and warp safely in between cycles.

How do I check a gate with 1 account?

It’s a bit tedious and not entirely without risks(but what in EVE isn’t? :yum:):

  1. Put ship in station/safe, get pod out
  2. Jump pod through gate
  3. Warp pod to belt/moon/sun while observing ships at gate (you align fast enough that they won’t kill catch you - do not try in space with bubbles)
  4. Warp and jump back to ship

If you’re flying a ship with 500m3 free you can even bring a shuttle to do this.

Of couse you can still run into a fresh gatecamp, but it severely reduces the chance you run into gatecamps.

You get my point by even trying to reply. It’s ■■■■■■■ ■■■■.

It’s an option.

Easier is to fly a ship that by itself can pass through those gates unharmed, such as an interceptor, shuttle, blockade runner and things like that. Or bring a friend that can scout ahead.

There are options, solo scouting is an option but not recommended.

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