There should be some tool like d-scan to see the other side of the gate. If it can be seen by using two acounts, then without a tool like that, it is like to sell the second acount to the people.

Sitting at a gate as many and waiting for somebody is the worst pvp can be played. No cleverness in it.

Especialy for new players when you are starting to learn the game and realizing that to see the other side of the game you need to buy another acount.

I see no sense to favor gatecampers in this game. Except which leads people to buy the second acount.

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In what way does the game favor gatecampers?

Also, stop whining about being bad, there are already services that’ll check for you.


It is what it is. They are protecting their territory for good reason. It is worth fighting for, especially when its “home”.


It’s even simpler than that too…all predators go where the prey congreGATE as it just makes life so much easier.


EVE is an MMO. It is in your best interest to join forces with others to accomplish a common goal. Need to navigate through hostile space? Have a fleetmate scout ahead. What you need is not a second account; what you need is a friend.

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  1. Do not jump outside the high sec
  2. In high sec learn how to use MWD/ cloak trick.
  3. Dotlan map has option to see kills per last hour. Often helpful to plan safer path.

Of course they will protect their territory. Or they may claim any gate. Problem is to see that gate you need to buy another acount. If it can be seen another acount just make an ingame tool as d-scan. simple is that.

There is only effective way to do it. Another acount. You cannot travel with a mate every time. So you need another acount.
This gatecamps are killing the game. Causing people dropping the game after some time. Everybody not has to buy another acount. Or you cannot say, ok dont play if you dont have a mate to travel with.
If there was not a solution as buying another acount. It may be more acceptable.
Solution should be fair, as a tool as d-scan.

Alpha accounts are free. I hope I don’t need to explain that.

And your proof of that is? Nothing…

Learn to fit your ship. Learn to use Alphas. Learn to read KBz. Learn to fly. Make deal with locals if needed. Hire a scout. That’s 6 suggestions that remove most of your issues.

But you just want an easy button right?


Can I real talk with you about this?

Stop being so scared. Gate camps aren’t killing the game. Your lack of a spine and your inability to treat the game as a video game is clouding your viewpoint.

I’ve been playing for almost 5 years now. And this is not an issue, like, at all. Stop, like, for real, stop being so scared about losing your ship that you would delude yourself into thinking the gatecamping is “killing the game”.

It really isn’t. In fact, of all the deaths that take place in eve, gate camps make such a tiny insignificant proportion, they are not even something CCP would waste time thinking about. If you want a source, check out all of the CSM meeting minutes for the last 5 years and count how many times CCP has brought up the topic of gatecamping.


CCP should make it so that players can work together for common goals. Some sort of guild would be nice. To preserve the space flavor of EVE they should probably call it something different than a guild.



How about



For all the mindless drones to join?



Here’s a couple of tools.

  1. The EVE client’s in-game Map. There is a setting to highlight of #pilots in space.
  2. ZKillboard and Dotlan also provide a wealth of data on system activity that can be used to predict gate camps. (Because people like to get on killmails, you can also see the composition of the fleet that made the kills)
  3. With the information above, some major alliances have built programs that compile the information using the above to approximate fleet locations and fleet compositions across Eve.

Runa Yamaguchi alpha and omega acount cannot be played together. my proof is me and know players alike. By fair i mean that a player who affords 2 acount can easily scout. A person with one acount is not easy as it. So it should be fair.

No. There is no reason you deserve to have the same advantages when you only play on one account compared to someone who plays on two accounts (or has friends to help out).

If you want those same advantages, you can pay for 2 accounts as well.

Stop being a coward.

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Losing the ship is not important.

Problem here there is no cleverness at gatecamps. So when you lose your ship at a gatecamp it is not fun. Just a waste of time.

And yes there are some tools which are not %100 accurate. Solution is another acount. And if somebody who buys another acount and scout with it %100 safe, and if you play with one acount you are not %100 safe. This is not fair. To make it fair, just add an ingame tool as d-scan, so no difference.

Since it looks like you refuse to grow a pair.

Oh well.

Maybe one day you’ll grow a pair or a backbone. Maybe you won’t. But I’m not wasting anu more time on you.

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It is not about being a coward. It is about losing your time for non-sense. Which are gatecamps. And this is a game, we are here to have fun. Not to lose time for that.

If there is a solution for that. It should be fair to every player.