Solo low sec pvp buff #5 - Gate Intel Relay

One of the advantages of non solo play is the use of scouts.

Whether it be roaming gangs sending ahead a tiny part of their assets to ensure the way ahead is safe before commiting to any jump, or static gate camps with eyes on two side of a gate ensuring that the battle is always in their favour, this is clearly a great advantage to have over any solo wanderer.

A risk that particularly materialises when a lone roaming ship chooses to activate a gate.

So in the interests of balance the proposal is that gates in low sec will, on demand, relay intel about what lies on the other side

Right clicking on a gate will give full report to the pilot of what ships and pilots are waiting directly on the other side. Say within 250km?

This should be a nice nerf to gate camping in low sec, hopefully taking some of effectiveness out of it and discouraging the practice, while improving the overall experience of roaming as a single ship.

These camps are after all not cunning ambushes set by brave hunting parties, but rather nets cast across a river, designed to catch even the strongest salmon following its instincts to run up the river. The type of nets often banned due the low salmon populations they result in.

Essentially this is an intel buff for solo play that brings them a little closer to the advantages enjoyed by fleets and dual boxers.

It should be far more effective and less interrupting than stopping to examine kills on the map, or dragging an alt about everywhere you go.

I am not suggesting this for null sec, where I am aware there is some great game of thrones being played out.

But for low sec, where I think we should be encouraging less structured and more casual, free flowing play, this might shake things up a bit.

Working together with others is supposed to be more powerfull than going alone. That is the risk you take by flying solo. Find friends, break the camp.

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Well there I completely disagree… who says anything is “supposed to be”.

Is this written in tablets of stone somewhere?

Working with others is always more powerful than going alone. There I do agree.

That’s precisely why it is worth considering some opposing measures to shake up the traditional order.

So insustrial ships can just check the other side of the gate before jumping? Well no of course not.

You want people to be caught everynow and then. And people/fleet who use an account to scout should be able to benefit from that specialisation.

Solo play can happen, but be careful what you enable. What makes solo piloting fun is the danger.

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Thanks for your reply.

As you point out , industrial ships can indeed already check whats on the other side simply by using an alt.

This change just streamlines the process so that it is no longer necessary to be in a gang or to go through the (imo) tedious, immersion breaking, and artificial business of dragging an alt around if you are flying alone.

The idea that people who fleet or use an alt should be able to benefit from that specialization is an interesting one. I would argue they already do so, and always will.

However I don’t think that every advantage they naturually gain should be given any special protected status.

In fact I’d argue they have so many advantages that it is time to chip away at a few of them.

An alt or a friend. The server doesn’t know the difference between the two.

Remember, you’re penalising group play to moddy coddle solo play. This is counter productive.


Sorry I don’t understand what you mean here.

The intention is definitely to give a little buff to solo play at the expense of certain kinds of group play.

So when you take away an advantage of alts and working together and give it to everyone, what happens to those using alts and working together?

When you ‘chip’ away at the power of these tactics, you’re chipping away at the reasons for people to pay for a subscription, log in their alt and work together. Which is ccp’s revenue.

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A slight nerf to gate camps (in low sec only) isn’t going to neuter the mighty fleet. There will always be multitude of advantages for anyone fleeting up and working with others.

I don’t suggest changing anything in null sec where the gate camp beer will flow as steadily as before. So as a minimum all these subs should be nice and safe.

More honestly I don’t pretend to be in a position to take a view about how this would affect CCP’s revenue.

I guess I choose to naively assume that making the game more fun and adding more variety will attract more players in the long run.

But you’re not. You’re making it more lonely. Making people less inclined to work together and less inclined to die to non-consensual pvp (stumble into gate camps). Both of which have been shown to IMPROVE player retention.

Naive is right though. Like a lot of people you assume improving your niche playstyle will make the entire game better. Glossing over how it detracts from more common game play.

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Well if I can boil all these discussions down to a simply matter of perspective I will be pleasantly surprised!

Changes like this proposal dont come as 1 single area, CCP makes blanket changes…so it would be the same for ALL gates.

No this proposal stinks and I agree with Daichi…
Your idea reeks of single player style of play, and this is an MMO, please you remind me of a guy from the old forums that always titled his stuff “TO the Developers”

Please stop and shut up, your ideas are garbage. Learn to EvE before you come back to these forums.

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Regarding blanket changes…
We already have different bomber restrictions and rules for bubbles in different areas of space. FW plexes in limited parts of low sec only…
Not to mention concord in hi sec only…different local for wormholes, and even different laws of physics based on wormhole type.
You are worshipping sacred sand.

The difference here is, CCP has numbers that back up Daichi. Non-consensual PvP is GOOD for EvE.

You’re also not really thinking of the unintended consequences of your idea.

Being able to check for a camp before jumping would make lowsec nearly 100% safe for me to PvE in, as gate camps are the only reason I don’t do the lowsec escalations I get doing highsec anoms.

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