Solo low sec pvp buff #6 - Solution to instalocking gate camping problem

Instalocking gate camps… overwhelming force, unavoidable warp disruption in any reasonable roaming fit, scouts deployed to ensure complete safety of camping forces.

Exactly the sort of organisation and effort that should be anti-rewarded.

The main problem for me is the salt of earth solo roaming pilot gets caught up in this riotus pants round ankles beer sodden giggle fest and loses important game time.

There are many proposed solutions including stopping instalocking camps…but maybe there is another way.

My proposal is that we create new algorithms to detect when a lone frigate is instalocked after jumping through gate. (warp disruption immediate on decloak, no retaliation, bonussed lockers etc…)

Everything then proceeeds as normal and the targetted ship is destroyed. Campers get there kill mails, the pretty graphics are all rendered and killmails logged.

The only minor enhancement to this gameplay is that the targetted ship is silently respawned in an adjacent system. To the gate campers there is no effect, but to the bold roaming pilot, he can continue on his adventures.

Obviously we don’t want to break immersion for the campers, so a 24 hour chat ban between the ‘victim’ and the campers will be imposed. Game terms and conditions will be updated to forbid either side to mention the sordid incident again…and ban penalties will be available for repeat offenders.

I think this new feature respects the skill and effort put into the game by instalocking gate campers in low sec, allowing them to proceed with the challenge of their own particular style of play while at the same time encouraging solo roaming which is kind of on an ebb atm.

As always, no change in null sec… I know you guys are part of much grander schemes.


Should we insta-kill sabres that catch targets in null too?
It’s part of the game. Just because you are solo does not give you a license to strut about low sec without being able to get caught.

Sorry, null sec is sacred. I did actually say above this does not apply to null sec.

no worries.

You know what would be much easier than all that convoluted stuff? Just put a cap on scan res. Even with remote boosting, it hits a cap. Now you are save to bust around low sec in safety.

Having said that ■■■■ happens. You can’t nerf everything to make your game play style easier.

The trouble is I think there will be a lot of resistance to your ideas. You will be denying these insta locking campers their kills. The genius of my idea (if I may be so bold) is that they will actually get more kills as there will be more roamers!

Oh I don’t think this is needed. I think you could just fit all warp stabs in your lows, get through the camp, then refit deeper in the space you plan to roam in. Pay attention to gates in heavily used pipes. I assume as a solo roamer your targets are miners, belt ratters, anom runners and such? These targets don’t ‘hang out’ in pipe systems.

I think some minor adapting solves this problem for you.

Change the sentry turrets to a form of disintegrator?The longer it shoots you more dmg is dealt

If you are talking low sec then you are doing it wrong.

It is the point of the game.

Obviously your “problem” doesn’t exist so -1 on the feature.

RAWLLL OMG LOL, your ship got blown up and you want it back :rofl:



Yeah this isn’t a problem.

If someone is putting that much effort into locking down a gate, go for it. And anyone who wants to clear that gate can do so with a similar amount of effort. Or you can use a ship designed for getting around such blockades.

My neighboring low sec area, where all my pi happens, is frequently camped. Tools for the job.

The only modification this will cause is that the gate campers will have a combat probe alt scouting the adjacent systems for this spawned ship…

Meanwhile, you will be podded back to your medical clone and frantically trying to locate this newly spawned copy of your ship for yourself.

Make the gate points the aggressor.

Simple, commit or don’t camp.

Sorry, try explaining that again in a form of english that makes sense. Do you mean have the gate function like an ESS if someone shoots someone else? Um… what? If a group is camping a gate, if it’s a fight they’re going to take, they’re going to commit. That’s pretty much guaranteed. A fight they might not win? There isnt much you can do to make them stick around unless they’re doing an IDGAF camp.

As for OP? Git Gud. There’s plenty of tools available to warn you whether or not going into a particular system is going to ■■■■ you up. Use them.

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