Gatecamps - Piggyback off fleets?

Ok there’s a thread out there that’s kinda bogged down in the fact that the OP’s solutions are really unpopular, rather than bury this in that thread I’ll ask this as a long-shot but seems do-able…

The Thread: Gatecamps

Is there a way to Piggyback off Fleets? If Corp A’s fleet is moving through a system you can just ask to join the fleet and roll with them?

I get this is highly player subjective, so the question is more along the lines of does anyone have experience with this?

Yes sure. Send me a convo when you are in game and you are more than welcome to join our fleet. We only roam in Battleships, so come join us in one.

On a more serious note, unless it’s a public NPSI fleet (eg. Spectre) don’t do this. You are just asking to be a target.

If you want to join fleets, join the Spectre Discord and in game channel and if you are more into slower paced, hunting fleets, join Bombers Bar.

They both have a reputation for NPSI, so you are safe to join those fleets without becoming a target.

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Yeah I kinda figured people wont be that nice and youd have to already have trust with them. And that means you might as well already be in alliance or corp with them and be flying with them.

If you saw the other thread you’d see that guy seems to think he can stay solo. Looks like theres no reason to for trust reasons haha

Both Spectre and Bombers Bar are well known NPSI communities.

Other groups run NPSI fleets that they advertise too.

Spectre run several fleets a week across all timezones, and you can safely join the fleet without being blown up.

That’s the way to go if you are looking to join a fleet of strangers. Stick to known NPSI communities and the advertised NPSI fleets of other groups (eg. Waffles NPSI/NBSI roams).

This will also be useful to that @Burak_Oz guy.

Certainly news to me.

In fact, a commonly used trick used to jump onto targets is sending out a fleet invite to unsuspecting visitors. This actually happend to me once, where my fleetmate and i wanted to fleet up in lowsec instead of before, with me assuming it was him sending me an invite.

It wasn’t.

Realized the error quickly, though, and got out of harms way.

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