PVP options


Just looking for some information. It has been a while since I was active EVE player and I am looking to refresh my knowledge.

Back in the day there were few options to join PVP fleets without actually having to commit to join a corp / alliance. Those options were Bombers Bar (which I was fairly active for a year or so), Spectre Fleet (can’t process some people there, so I avoid them) and Affirmative Sunday roam (which was ok, but a bit to much anchor on me and press F1)

So what are the options these days which are active from around 19:00 till 22:00 EVE time?

Let’s say I have available between 2-5 pilots once or twice per week and we would like to have some fun, however we are not all in the same corps and would like to stay in our current corps.

We were considering FW, but since some people do other stuff as well, they don’t want to spend their time enlisting and dropping out of FW all the time.

2-5 players sounds like a good time to me. Why not do your own thing? I can’t imagine how bad a pvp fleet where just anyone can join and not anchor and f1 would be. You don’t like small gangs or something? It seems like you want to be apart of some cohesive group but dont want to make any commitments.

You never heard of RvB?

@yellow_parasol RvB requires you join their corp, does it not? Not something we are looking for (which is something I specifically said in original post). There are billions of assets locked away in various stations spread among existing corps and we don’t want to move them / handle permissions / all the other boring stuff which requires clicking through loads of menus, etc.

@EURIPODES we tried that, but 2 times so far we just almost got a decent fight, but both times either targets managed to run away or it was actual trap and we barely got away. Plus the places we decided to roam last time were filled with locals where you don’t know who is in good relations with who and while we are up for a fight, we don’t want to engage only to get response fleet of 15 guys on us in about 30 seconds.

Sorry. I did read that part, but RvB isn’t really something one has to commit to. You join before you log off, are likely approved the next day when you log in, then shoot the other guys and leave corp whenever you want. There’s no committment. Anyhow, good luck. :slight_smile:

Depending on what each one of your dudes does outside of your fleets FW could be an option. Since you’re not in the same corp, that can make things even easier for you. I’d say you spread out in 1-2 systems and put some of your dudes in fast frigates for tackle and initiating fights, nothing too obvious like an interceptor, but maybe atrons or slashers, having a kiting astero is also a good choice since it can camp the FW plexes on the outside while cloaked and tackle targets that warp to it. Doing this in lowsec comes with the advantage of having shorter supply routes but also comes with the cost of severe security status loss (you can wreck your SS from +5 to 0 in one or two days).

Another option would be staging out of NPC null and roaming into adjacent sov null. Supply routes could be a problem if you lose a lot of ships, but once you’re getting more competent, a lucky wormhole connection every few days will be enough to keep your group well supplied. NPC Nullsec also comes with the benefit of not having to worry about security status and also having options to make some emergency ISK nearby (ratting/running pirate missions/exploration).

As for numbers, more is not always better. 2-5 people is quite enough to go on a successful roam if you put in the effort to theorycraft something that caters to your needs. Take the time to learn from your opponents, find out what they like to fly, what numbers they usually bring, what ships they feel comfortable fighting etc and use this to your advantage.

You could always create some alpha clone alts to run FW with. Minmatar would welcome you.

Bombers bar is still going. Streamers such as Zarvox & Bjorn Bee run a few public fleets which seem to draw a lot of attention and pew pew.