Gate camp support?

Low-ish skill, a support player (mostly T1 logi and no T2 yet), was wanting to make something to help out with the occasional bubble camp/gate camp. I was considering a frigate with remote sensor boosters, since someone mentioned wishing for them; any thoughts on what else would be useful to fit in such a thing or what other build priorities to work around?

Can always be fast/lock tackle.

Inties are good for that

I always welcome ewar ships. They are much loved support!

A Malus Navy issue with a combination of hull and armor tank can be helpful. You can even use an afterburner instead of a MWD since everyone is going to plop themselves 10 km from the gate after they enter the system anyways.

A funny fit I saw was a crucifier navy issue with 3 weapon disruptors scripted for tracking speed. In theory this can work, but I did find it dead on zKillboard.

A griffin could also work, I don’t know what some old guides are talking about since they don’t seem to make much sense, but if you jam a ship, they’ll have to shoot you instead of what they wanted to shoot. Arguably say if you had 3 Drakes and they were shooting 1, jamming half their DPS ships would mean half the heat was off the Drake so you’d have 3 Drakes alive longer… but then if you had 4 Drakes even if the first one went down you’d still have 3. But fi you’re low SP, maybe flying a DPS ship means if you’re not the one primaried, you won’t be that effective a DPS as a survivor, but with jams you can take aggro off the people with level V Racial Battlecruiser/ Strategic Cruiser/ Whatever spaceship. in the unlikely even you see enemy multiple basilisk together, if you can’t alpha one off with 4 volleys in DPS ships, a good jam will screw them over, but a gate camp probably faces at most… maybe 7 people coming at a time? So I don’t think you need to worry about that.

Its cause they changed how ECM used to work.

A malus/griffin combo can be really good.

One of the funniest things I saw was a Tengu being damped by 3 scripted damps and a Vespa-SD drone and being jammed every 20 seconds by 3 different griffins, all while the gate guns were tearing into him.

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