Countering Gate Camps with ECMs?

New Player here,

Thinking about null sec gate camps and had a few questions. Obviously, I’m sure this topic has been covered in the past however I can’t find it. Just wondering how much luck would a player would have brute forcing a gate camp with a tanky, ECM (heavy) fitted Battleship (6,6,7 slots)? Just curious.

Also considering just using a Bubble Immune Interceptor, or some cloaky ship.

You’d need enough ECM to jam every single member of the gate camp, plus any reinforcements that come in. You’d also need to be cap stable, because you’d have to keep the ECM running long enough for you to get through every single gate they followed you through.

It would likely end badly.

Interceptors are the standard way of getting through gatecamps, though even they are not 100%. the best thing is to go through the gate when it is not camped or go through a different gate/wormhole.

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Here’s the thing… If you attack one person, even if your jam fails, you have a 1 minute timer before jumping. That is ample time to get s interdictor through the gate ahead of you and bubble up. ECM does not stop any form of warp bubble, so you would be caught and eventually die.

Drones could still attack you as could fighters, you would have to jam them as well, which would require far more ECM than you could muster. Plus a few well anchored or placed drag bubbles would catch you far off gate. You would die.

If you truly want to get a BS into nul, the best way is the hard way… Wormhole travel. Get into a wormhole and keep trying to find exist into nul or other wormholes. Eventually you will get to nul. The only problem… Surviving in wormhole space. Do able and easier than breaking through a gate camp but still dangerous.

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the timer does not prevent you from warping out.

sure it will end badly, but if he starts warping before the drag bubble is set he can’t be dragged.

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target spectrum breaker may be better ?


All very helpful. Thanks so much. No sense throwing away ISK on something very unlikely to work.

Pretty much everything they said.

Also ive seen people use burst jammers (aoe jam) on t2 haulers and BS’s. Its not garaunteed either but I have seen it save a persons ship before.

Yup, was going to suggest this. The TSB is not used as much, but it is downright horrible to deal with.

Basically, it rolls a chance to “ECM” every ship that locks you while active. The chance increases from like 15% base to 30% (?) as more stuff attempts to lock you and will dish out a round of “ECMs” every cycle. This chance entirely ignores sensor strength and distance on the ships that attempt to lock you.

Throw in a overheated Burst Jammer II with that as well and just use it once stuff gets in range, after each TSB cycle, in order to jam out whatever tackler is on top of you that wasn’t hit by the TSB.

There is one thing you have missed – ECM will not jam bubbles. That sabre will continue to drop bubbles right on top of you, even if he is jammed.

The counter to that is to use a MJD to jump out of the bubbles, it has a long cool down. You then warp to the next gate.

Except that a good sabre pilot will burn out of his bubble and watch where you warp. He follows, and since he is faster than you he drops a bubble and you land right in the centre. He then jumps to the other side of the gate and bubbles again. Now your MJD is still on cool down, so your only options are to burn out of a bubble while a hostile fleet is heading towards you, or jump into a bubble camped gate with a sabre and other possible unknowns.

The last option is probably your best option – hopefully the sabre is alone and you can kill him and get out of his bubble before his friends arrive. If he’s not alone, or his friends arrive in time, you’re either dead or the above story repeats itself.

In other words, your options are to:
a) not jump into the gate camp in the first place… use scouts, avoid commonly camped gates
b) die… nothing wrong with that, it’s happened to all of us!
c) have enough friends nearby that you can break the gate camp. This is where the ECM option might shine, as it’ll be able to delay the camp long enough that your backup can arrive.

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