Interdiction Nullify Blockade Runners

How can they be blockade runners if they can’t run through blockades?


By not using gates.

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That’s where a blockade would be though


Thats why you go around it :slight_smile:

You could also roll the bones with a sharo fit and nerves of steel. Its totally possible but I dont recommend it.

Ofc, I dunno if bubblecamps were a thing when they were made. Theyll do Low Camps easy enough


yes bubble camps existed when they were made. common tactics is drop cans everywhere and have drones running back and forth so everything an hit a cloaker

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Fair dos.

Then back to just jump past em

cant do that if its a pipe, there may be other ways into an area that require you to run through many more null sec systems with other camps. ive only died once in mine and that was due to server lag. i died on station but my pod was on a gate i came in at

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I just mean gate it across with a Blops, but that may be more resource than makes it worthwhile.


that would require still having to run some cloaky across the camps which would require timing the camps downtimes to get a covert cyno into position. No going at around DT isnt the answer, been there and chased clear through low/null on those courier runs

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Then do what traditional blockade runners did.

Bribe the right people to either not be there or to distract the others.

—Gadget Solo

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So have I and the fact we’ve both done it means its possible.

And WHs

Well I agree with the OP, Blockade Runners are suppose to be a Smugglers Ship so it makes sense to have them be Interdiction Nullified.

And don’t bother posting stuff about balance issues, it shouldn’t be super easy to catch a ship that’s specifically intended to quickly slip through hostile gate camps unseen, hence their name - Blockade Runners.

As it is right now, they’re just:


It’s not super difficult to keep from getting caught at gate camps in null, if you are patient and never ever warp directly to gates. Every good smuggler has done the recon and laid down a series of tactical observation posts and every gate camp has one weakness, attention span… SQUIRREL! ------>
Survival 101, you don’t have to be faster than the bear as long as you’re faster than your buddy.


And you want to reduce smuggling to warp>cloak>jump>warp>cloak>jump. No thinking, no strategy, no risk…?

Blockade runners are the smugglers ship. Smuggling may just be more of an art than you want it to be.


Warping away from a camped gate after you’ve jumped into the system is the issue.

Enough with the snide remarks. Like I said before, it shouldn’t be super easy to catch a ship that’s specifically intended to quickly slip through hostile gate camps unseen.


It’s not.

Maybe don’t charge head first into every gate and camp. Is that what you think smugglers do? Use brute force to smash their way through blockades?


Step 1: Open BLOPs bridge
Step 2: Jump up to 8LY with Blockade Runner
Step 3: …
Step 4: Profit

The ability to fit a covops cloak gives more advantage than only cloaking and warping cloaked and blockade runners that are carrying anything have options to completely bypass gates all together. No better blockade running than jumping straight past any gate camp all together.

My hauling alt has been caught a few times when taking gates and being unlucky. An interceptor working with an interdictor increases the risk of being caught, but when she’s using gates instead of jumping, the success rate of gate camps is only about 1-2 times in 10.

That’s part of the fun of blockade runners and a covert ops cloak as well as nullification for a ship with such a good sized cargo would be too OP in my view.


Dude, do you even read what’s actually written?

I never said that nor is it something I do, so stop portraying my statements way out of context by implying I do something totally different from what I actually stated.

I said warping away from a camped gate after you’ve jumped into the system is the issue.

The only time this is an issue is in nullsec and wormhole space. However, it’s not for inexperienced players and as such, in my view it doesn’t need to be made easier.

Anyone who is running in nullsec with a blockade runner is accepting the level of risk that is present and should plan around that. Making the game easier isn’t the approach needed. Experienced players should face more challenge. It’s part of what helps players to grow further as they develop.


Yeah, that’s your opinion and you’re welcome to it.