Blockade runner crane how to avoid getting ganked?

Hello Everyone,

I lost my second crane in 2 days. Total -550mio isk -.- (not to mention a tengu I couldn’t really fly and lost few days ago -1.3bio)

Seriously need to know how to stay alive while jumping through low sec.

As soon as I leave the gate, I hit align -> cloak - mwd

~1sec later decloak - jump

while I decloaked I get catched and was later on slowed down.

Tried to get back to the gate, he didn’t really attack me at first and I flew too far out was at ~13km and couldn’t make it anymore. He got help from a buddy and it took me ~20sec to die.

How instantly can you be locked? Should I rush further into space before I decloak and jump?
I have no idea how to survive the gankers :smiley:

At that moment I can’t feel the difference between being able to cloak or not to, perhaps I survive the apprentice gankers, in the end I’m a real noob regarding this szenario.

help appreciated



before I leave the station, I enter the pod, take a look around when its safe I get into my crane and hope that noone is cloaked outside.

before I jump through a gate I was cloaked, so that noone sees me entering it.

I only click align, as soon as possible cloak and mwd, then as soon as aligned decloak -> jump. still I wasn’t fast enough.

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Why are you decloaking yourself?

The Crane, and all Blockade Runners, can use a covert cloak and thus warp while cloaked.

Just click ‘jump’ and immediately cloak and you are on your way. No one should have a chance to point you unless you are unforunate enough that they, or another object is close enough to prevent you from activating your cloak.


wow I’m a moron ^^

Thank you so much -.- oh my god

By the way, bookmarking a jump some km away of the station in a straight line, or leaving it in a pod to take a look around while not moving and docking as fast as possible again.

are there any other ways to stay alive while leaving a station?


Yes, you need an undock bookmark at least 150km from the station. If you do it right you should always warp within about 1 second.

Also note that there’s a 30-second invulnerability on the undock that most players don’t know about (this prevents enemies from pre-locking you). This disappears as soon as you make press any key or mouse click, so after undock your first command should be to warp unless there’s another ship that has the potential to obstruct you.


yes I watched a video, only on some stations you aren’t able to dock without moving. thx for the reply!

I need to keep playing eve and learn from my mistakes, it can be hard, but like my post shows clearly I had absolute lack of the cranes ability, even though I cloaked turing jump, it didn’t come to my mind that I just could jump cloaked as soon as I leave the gate -.-


Read a little about the topic, as one should do -.- sooo what’s you point of view regarding setting up a gate observation jumppoint?

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In lowsec you probably don’t need such a bookmark. There are no bubbles, and it is impossible to lock someone on the outgate who clicks ‘jump’. Your only risk is to smartbombs then, which is a risk to an untanked Blockade Runner, but if you tank it some you should be able to survive all reasonably-sized smartbombing camps. You can also often avoid them by just not warping gate-to-gate, and bouncing off a celestial at a high angle from the direct line between the gates.

That said, it isn’t bad practice to be careful, so it can’t hurt to have them in systems you visit all the time (especially ones without a convenient celestial to use), or places you notice frequented by gate campers. I just wouldn’t waste my time setting them up everywhere as the probability you’ll need them is very low.

Even without gate perch bookmarks, a blockade runner should be almost perfectly safe in lowsec if you have proper instadock and insta-undock bookmarks (you need these in highsec too, maybe more-so than in lowsec!) and don’t do anything too silly. The only real danger out of your control once you have perfected things is being decloaked by something or someone next to you before you get into warp by an unlucky gate spawn, and even this risk is very small. Nothing is perfectly safe in Eve though, so always consider the possibility your ship may explode on you when you least want it to.


Thx for the help!


I will also add one thing to this discussion:

In a cloaky blockade runner, you generally do not need to use a MWD.

Using the MWD-trick is useful on ships with slow align times (see: greater than 10 seconds) and/or cannot use covert-ops cloaks.

Since a Blockade runner has neither of these issues (it generally aligns in less than 10 seconds and can use a covert-ops cloak) you can simply hit, “warp, cloak” and be on your way.
In fact, using a MWD to warp is a a bad idea on Blockade Runner unless you are attempting to clear a warp disruption bubble first (which is an issue you will see in 0.0 or lower space).

A better idea is to shield tank your Blockade runner, throw on some Inertial Stabilizers (faster align time), and slap on a MWD for “just in case” (note: you should not have to use it unless you are trying to burn back to a gate you just came from or to/from station).


Another thing to note is, as was stated above, to create an “insta-undock” 150+ km from the stations you frequent.
This takes a bit of time and finesse, but will be immensely helpful if you need to exit a station that often sees a lot of hostiles.

And the standard advice for low-sec travel also applies too.

  • Try to not go through popular low-sec/high-sec systems (eg: Amamake, Old Man Star, Rancer)
  • Don’t always use the “shortest route” to your destination
  • Be aware of “dangerous systems” that see a lot of conflict.

The other thing I would add to the excellent advice given above is that you should practice flying in low-sec (and null if you go there) in ships considerably less expensive than the ones you list.

Practise makes perfect, but do it 1m isk at a time :grinning:


to loose only 1mio would help me a lot :smiley:

I jump cloaked, when I arrive at the new system, I hover over the align button -> click it -> F1 cloak as fast as possible after it, then F2 for the MWD -> jump cloaked.

Yesterday I realized that you boost your shipsignature with the MWD and you only should activate it shortly after activating cloak if ever.

sometimes cloak doesn’t kick in that fast, because I got an interference first.

I’m certain that the place where I was killed, that it’s more or less a setup, 3 jumps through 0.2-0.4 and you earn ~30mio, ~20 jumps back to jita.

prices are just too good to be true.

There are sooo many people loosing cranes, wondering how they take their risks and how they fail.

Thx for the help!

PS: I installed now two Medium Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizers I


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The best way to reliably activate the cloak is to press jump, and wait until you see the ‘WARP DRIVE ACTIVE’ notification above your center HUD circle thing. If you press your cloak button right after you see it, you should always avoid trying to cloak to early and minimize the risk of screwing up your cloak.

If you get complacent and miss cloaking on the first server tick you can be caught by good insta-lock campers. Of course you don’t see on the killboards the hundred of people that make it safely through these gate camps.

As was suggested, you could practice some with a CovOps frigate. The cloaking works the same, and they are cheaper. They also have a pretty decent cargo hold for a frigate, so you can even move some small amount of goods in them.

You can also check killboards to see if a system is currently being camped, or use a tool like this one:

If you can easily go around an actively camped system, you probably should even in a CovOps/BR.

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Ah so I got it wrong again.

Because of its speed, just like ShahFluffers before wrote ->activate warp -> “warp activated” -> cloak… okay

Doesn’t just klicking “warp” before you’re aligned increase the duration of the process?

Regarding the traderoute where they got me, I just can avoid it at all, running around just leads me through even more dangerous space. And when I earn 15mio instead of 30 but don’t loose the ship it’s even worth the effort.

Exploring in a small frig would be a hit for me right now, setting up PI for monthly runs, so I will have some time to keep things interesting, need to skill some related talents first.

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No. Your ship will align as fast as it can and warp as soon as it reaches 75% of it’s subwarp-speed.

This 75% sub-warp speed is what the MWD+Cloak trick tries to make advantage of. On other ships than Blockade Runners (or other ships that can warp cloaked) a T1 cloak reduces this sup-warp speed by a huge % (was it 90% or 75%?, can remember right now). So when you acitivate your Cloak+MWD you reach this 75% sub-warp speed much faster because your MWD speeds you up quick while at the same time the Cloak slows you down.
BUT this does not work on Blockade runners because they don’t get the speed reduction while being cloaked.
So that’s basically why you died. Activating your MWD also increases your mass. This has the effect of an increased signature radius, making you easier to lock and higher intertia value - which makes you align slower.

So, just hit “warp to” and hit cloak right after, and you should be fine.

About the fitting:
Have you ever died to smart bombs? I would recommend you fit passive shield-modules. The moments you need to activate the hardeners I saw on the killmail you linked can cause your death. At least 1 shield extender would be a good idea I think. Raw hitpoints are sometimes better than resists - you can check in the fitting simulation what will give you more effective EHP.
Also I would not recommend Medium Polycarbon Engine Housing I as rigs.
As mentioned before more maximum speed makes you warp slower because your ship needs more time to accelerate to the 75% to warp off. There are other rigs that e.g. increase your warp speed so you could even outrun interceptors over larger systems or rigs that increse your tank. You might want to have a closer look at them.

Edit: This thread might be interesting for you as well:



All the angles seem to have been covered at this point, so I have no input other than this: congratulations to @Cyrus_Amos for seeking help when stuff isn’t working, and for being willing to learn and accept constructive feedback. You’ll go far :slight_smile:.

After dealing with people who refuse to learn/improve and instead rage or demand CCP change the game for them, this kind of thing is a ray of sunshine.


Ever since I learned courier servic corps exist I never haul my stuff I pay other people to do it and if necessarily die trying to do it

My thought process has always been this-I can recoup the reward isk amount doing other things in game but losing the assets which can cost 20-30 times more just for being a stubborn cheapskate never.


Not “any key”. You can stop your ship without breaking the undock invul.

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I switched to those warpdrivespeed enhancing modules.

checking out the link as soon as I’m on the Pc. thx

ah sure you can stop after leaving a station without loosing invulnerability.

I raged ofc a little, in the end I knew that I knew not enough to grasp the altitude of my failures. Even lost a Tengu in PVE because of a lvl 4 mission and those agile warp and speed inhibiting frigs. Went full missile ship with nearly no skill in missiles lol.

Thx to steamsale I’m covert but ofc I want to stop fooling around, take my time, skill and try to find ways how to spare as much time as possible on the different tasks.

Thx for the help so far. Next I need to get to know the perspective of the hunters. Then I see for , example, more clearly how fast they can lock.


First and foremost, I want to say thanks for your post. It’s encouraging seeing for once someone asking what he could learn and do better instead of whining, eluding self-responsibility, and making lots of wrong assumptions about how the game is or should be.

I just wanted to add that you may learn about many of these things in the UniWiki and other documentation and blogs available online.

In particular, you may learn about insta dock/undock bookmarks here: