Need chagement to gate camp (cloak trick, deployable, scan resolution) and reward/ trophy for pvp

  • It is possible you see for up the gameplay gate camp example up the scan resolution (or upgrade the tick server because 1second is very long) in all frigate and destroyer and possibility to counter the cloak ship because is very safe and you use the cloak trip mwd+cloak is so hard to catch him and moving fast with cloak ( i use cynbal and darevil for decloak is very very complicate for catch explo and pve boys) or create a item deployable on the gate and is have 50 km range is not possible to active the cloak :wink:

  • create a objectif sup for more reward (trophy) for pvp for the people is interest to the pvp.
    exemple : you kill 50 guys +100sp, , 10 kill in solo you receive 50sp and…

  • other question :
    i see you buff the bs, why you not create a new battleship command ship is possible very cool for more fleet bs in eve, because the meta in eve cruiser t2 (possible alternate to cap fight)
    why the faction dread or fax faction is not have bonus to remote : possibility of being remote armor or shield.
    take the example vehement to consume much more ore.
    that would allow to see much more on the field and to destroy much more ore more quickly.

  1. No. lmao.

  2. Too easily abused.

  3. Easy, because it wasn’t CCP’s priority to make a new Command Battleship.


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