[Proposal] Single-Cycle Cloak for Alphas

There are a lot of opinions when it comes to rehauling the mechanics and culture of PVP, especially with regards to gate camps. Regardless of where you stand on the matter, there is no question that Alphas are at a severe disadvantage when it comes to moving relatively freely in hisec and lowsec in relation to gate camps due to their inability to use either covert or non-covert cloaks. Without making any other changes to PVP mechanics or the status quo, I believe we should introduce single-cycle cloaks that Alphas can use that will permit them to use the MWD Cloak trick to break through most hisec/lowsec gate camps, but otherwise not be able to utilize the advantages that cloaks offer (such as cloak camping or cloaking upon enemies dropping in). There could maybe be a 30 second cooldown before utilizing another single-cycle cloak, and/or other penalties for equipping (passive) or using (active) the single-cycle cloak. The cycle length would largely match the cycle lengths of MWDs.

(Existing cloaks do not have cycles, so the notion of a cloak having one and only one cycle is new but, speaking as a software developer myself, should not be hard to implement given how many existing modules have cycles.)


Alpha is a demo mode. It’s a trial version of the game. They don’t want to you have any of the good gear unless you upgrade to Omega b/c that’s how they get paid.

Either you pay $15 a month to subscribe. Or someone, somewhere, pays $20 for the PLEX you end up using to subscribe. Either way, they get $15-20 a month in your name if you go Omega.


Omega will still be appealing enough for players to upgrade, so CCP will not lose money over this. If anything, some Alphas may leave the game entirely because they are frustrated at their inability to overcome gate camps except by joining extremely large and powerful organizations with means to handle them. This means that not only are Alphas at a disadvantage, but so are Alphas who desire to be members of smaller groups.

Alphas. Give 'em an inch, and they’ll take a mile…


Given that cloaks don’t have cycles now, that would have to be something created specifically for these alphas. Other than the skill injectors, I don’t think there’s anything in the game right now that is specific only to alpha accounts. I don’t know if we want to go down that road.

I will say that I find it odd the number of contortions people seem willing to do or suggest to get around having to join a corporation.

Ive always thought that consuming some sort of fuel to remain cloak would help with the concerns of AFK cloakies. .

However I agree Alphas don’t need it.

Alphas shouldn’t even exist. Be grateful you can even log in.


This ^. A million times this…

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Absolutely not.

What Brisc is saying is that cloaks don’t ‘cycle’. They don’t have an activation duration. They are simply turned on or off, like a light bulb, meaning there would have to be a cloak implemented that did cycle, or all cloaks would have to be changed to have a cycles.

Cloaks do not have cycles so that a cloaker can decloak at any arbitrary time, rather than having to wait for a cloaking cycle to end, and I am uncertain how being decloaked by proximity would interact with cloaks having cycles. In any case, a cloak with a cycle would have to be developed from scratch.

Of course, I don’t expect you to know how cloaks work since you can’t fit them to your ships, but I would like you to understand that this suggestion is harder to implement than it sounds.

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I have two Omega accounts. I am no stranger to cloaks. Having said that, I acknowledge and do apologize that I have used the incorrect terminology here; I’m so used to using the MWD Cloak trick that I must have been thinking of the MWD cycle when discussing cloaks (Oops!). Existing cloaks do not have cycles, and I am in fact proposing a type of cloak that does have one and exactly one, followed by a cooldown (~30s or so). In practice it would be good for only one thing: the MWD Cloak Trick. All other potential uses of cloaks would not be possible with this setup.

There is a lot of criticism here that Alphas should not exist, they already have too much, they should shut up and be grateful for what they have, etc; this is largely a different conversation, but it is worth making the case that Happy Alphas make for Happier Omegas.

  • The vast majority of players see the immense value offered by Omegas and strive to upgrade to Omega from Alpha. Giving very modest enhancements to Alphas does not have detract from the numerous dimensions of gameplay Omega offers. The number of players who are perfectly content with Alpha to the extent of forgoing Omega is completely and totally negligible. CCP will not lose a penny over this.
  • Happy Alphas = Better retention = more players Omegas are surrounded by = Alphas are are satisfied and invested enough in the game that they will upgrade to Omega rather than dropping the game
  • Alphas are our fleetmates: better Alphas mean better fleetmates and fleet ops
  • To Omegas unfortunate enough to struggle financially and be unable to sustain their Omega status, Omegas will be pleased to have this option available to them until they are able to renew. (Congratulations if you’re pro enough to PLEX your account from Alpha, but this does not apply to most)

Speaking as a software developer myself: so many modules with cycles exist, I don’t expect CCP will have any problem implementing a single-cycle cloak.

Having an Alpha Clone is not a trial account. Trial accounts have a definite period to “try” the game and the features out before deciding to subscribe or move on.

Eventually Alpha Clones will take over the game as more money will be made by CCP if they mandate the selling of ships and modules that are considered Tier II or III instead of having a monthly sub fee.

We agree to a limited extent.

Mmm… nothing better than Pay2Win, eh? How about “no”.

Trial accounts are not defined by a limited duration. All it means is that you’re allowing players to “try” the game. And that’s what Alphas do. They get to try some of the aspects of the game, but they aren’t allowed access to everything.

But looking at threads like this, they’re just going to keep asking for more and more and more… Until there’s no more reason to subscribe, b/c they’ll have access to everything they want, for free.

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Nerf alphas. They should be to learn what the game is about and see if you want to pay for full access. Other than that, alphas are cannon fodder to make the enemy have less rounds and cap when their omega allies move in.

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I say no. You should have serious enough restrictions as an alpha as to incentivize the transition to omega. I would go so far as to say allowing T2 mods of ANY kind is too much for alphas. All that, and I just gave my justification for allowing the T2 mining frigates to be opened up to alphas in another thread…

SImple. Just ELIMINATE all the prototype cloak devices. Take them all away.
Bring them back ONLY if or when CCP introduces a proper NERF to counter them. There are dozens of great ideas that CCP can’t be troubled to implement for reducing the AFK griefing.

This has been discussed for over 10 years, but the mechanic is STILL broken.

Just kill the Prototype Cloak item. EASY. Those who really love the protoype should develop a final version of it that encourages PvP content, instead of AFK griefing.

Hey now, if CCP can introduce the highly controversial and relatively complex mutaplasmids, single-cycle cloaks would be a piece of cake =). But again - this could be used by Omegas, too!

I agree with your sentiment; because CCP’s Coming Soon™ time tables take forever, I made this proposal along the lines of a reasonable fix without heavily disrupting the status quo (which would require more time, effort, and commitment from CCP than they are willing to provide at this time or in the foreseeable future.)

In other words, let us consider my proposal a stopgap measure until an even better solution presents itself.

CCP and CSM comprise very intelligent people. They’re smart enough to ward off ideas that would compromise the relative value of the Omega experience; having said that, I do not believe relatively minor suggestions such as this would lead down a slippery slope of rendering Omega not worthwhile. I also want to reiterate that my suggestion would benefit Omegas as well (in contrast to something like a Daily Skill Injector).

You’re right, some of them are. Which is why… Alphas can’t use Cloaks. To prevent compromising the value of going Omega.

Believe what you want, but it’s already happening. This suggestion isn’t “at risk of starting the slope”, it’s just another one on the slope. Alphas started out unable to fly any ships except for T1s of their chosen race. Then they cried, and now they can fly any race. But they couldn’t fly Faction. Then they cried, and now they can fly Faction. But they couldn’t use T2 mods at all. Then they cried, and now they can use most T2 mods.

Do you see where this is going? No matter where you draw the line in the sand, Alphas cry and the line gets moved. They won’t stop crying until they get everything they want. At which point, there won’t be any motivation left to go Omega b/c they’ll have all their toys for free.

How? What benefit does a single cycle Cloak have to an Omega? They can already use the real Cloaks. They don’t need to backdoor their way into the Warp tricks.

Oh my ■■■■ lol