Alpha Clone War Utilities [ Large & Medium MJD, Salvager Drone, Sentry Drone and Cloking ]

This is something I would like for Alpha clones, the micro jump drive and cloaking would drive players into low-security, null and worm-hole systems that are more likely to survive for PvP and PvE, and for PvE it would be more rewarding to have Salvage drones and Sentry Drones. That tell me, apart from that they vary the prices of the salvage materials, this would affect in some way in the game PvP?

Cloaks are for running away, not for PVP. Alphas are supposed to die in PVP and have fun, not run away.

Furthermore, cloaky alphas would mean hordes of cloaky campers in null sec.

In essence: Alphas do not need cloaks because they are supposed to have fun instead of camping or running away.

Pretty much this.

It’s annoying that I need to have alpha clones for rapid response fleets… having to have another alpha clone that I log in when I’m done playing to camp a system would be even more annoying.

Maybe if you just take the skill to LV. 1 It would not be as profitable to hunt someone as it takes more than 20 seconds to recalibrate sensors; What do you tell me about the rest?

That’s irrelevant. Cloaky camping means you just sit in a system and are a psychological barrier for the locals, which prevents them from using their space. That kind of camping should not come from a absolutely free account.

You convinced me :+1:t3: , the rest could be released, I think it would be gratifying to have salvage drones, sentry drones and MJD

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Stop asking for more alpha buffs. The whole point is to have a limited free account for new players, not to give alphas access to everything and eliminate the need to become a paying customer.


The idea is to entice you to subscribe not give you everything for free.
Cloaks are especialy problematic mechanic which alfa should never get

Critically Important Comment


I can see pros and cons to allowing alphas to use Large Micro Jump Drives. It could make things too easy on the one hand, but for some PvE, it could make them more survivable leading to less rage quitting I guess. Plus the LMJD kinda has a wow factor that they would not get to see otherwise unless they subbed. Perhaps the devs need to finally make a T2 version that is omega only, and nerf the T1 maybe. Kinda like how MWD’s are now. That would also provide a bit of skill sink.

Everything else should definitely stay omega, if at least as motivation to sub.


+0.5 LMJD for alphas
-1 everything else

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