Half-Cloak(ish) module for Alpha Clones

Hi there! My idea is to introduce a new module working similar to cloak modules. This could be used by everyone including alpha clones.

The module would work similar to a cloak module, but it would not cloak the ship itself, only hide it from D-Scan. It would have every drawbacks a normal cloak module has, so not available to use weapons or hacking modules.

You could also have a cloaking system for alpha clones that allows us to cloak like a regular cloak module, only with significant drawbacks ranging from high energy requirement, high delay for it to activate, etc, etc.

Nope. We don’t want to make faction warfare bots harder to find. Or alpha scouts harder to spot. We don’t want bot-alphas semi-afk cloaking either.


Botting should be made impossible and devs should fight agaisnt bot users, but what is the point of a bot FW using the modul I wrote above? If the bot would activate this, you could find it harder, but the bot would be unable to farm the plex as well.

What is the problem with alpha scouts? An alpha account can not login in the same time of an omega if I know well.

Where does it say this module would stop players from capturing plex?

And unlimited alpha scouts sitting just off grid that cannot be spotted unless you have combat probes is definitely not something we should enable. And they can log in at the same time on another computer or by using certain software. People are already doing it.

Yeah bots should be stopped. Which is why it’s funny you want to make them better at hiding from players.

Perhaps you can tell us why this module would be good for the game.

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Ah I thought you can capture a plex only if you kill the npc ship flying in it, that’s why I thought it is not useful if the ship can not fire it’s weapons.

I thought about this module would be useful for alphas for different scenarios. Obviously in some cases where the cloak is good, this could do the job as well. In WH space, sitting and waiting inside a site, or when you just sitting and scan down things. In HS scanning down MTUs and wait for the owner to come back in a hauler or salvager, and I am sure there are many other situations where this would be useful to use for an alpha.

If scouts would be that much of a problem, what if this module could be fitted to a special type of ship only? For example cruiser and above? Scouts are using frigates I guess, so this problem could be solved?

I don’t think alphas should get this, ccp needs money too

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Defensive plexing does not require killing the rat inside. It doesn’t pay as much but bots can work tirelessly.

As for fitting to special ships, which ones? Alphas can fly tech1 ships upto battleship.

I don’t see how this mod is going to make the game better as much as make even more people drop down to alpha and lead to even more free alts.

Maybe it’s just my opinion, but the whole alpha thing has gone way too far. Watching 6 dominix with tech 1 ogres doing a mission, the mass of bots in faction warfare and vexor navy issues in null. It probably never should have happened.

Alphas REALLY dont need access to more gameplay so they can bot that too.

Go Omega, problem solved.


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As an engineer I have a question for the free software folks:

Where is the free grocery store?

Invalid comparison. Groceries can’t be multiplied by copying and don’t need support or updates once bought.

And farmers don’t live in places where 1/4 bedroom costs > $2000 a month. Everything has it’s cost and while you hear about companies that make it big, most of the rest are living hand to mouth.

Any. It’s called a five finger discount.

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