CCPLS possiblity to cath inties taxi and t3 cloak

in titlle :slight_smile:

The possibilities exist. They are called smartbombing and being good at decloaking/preventing cloaking in the first place.

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ok I think you did not understand on gate camp instantlock I speak, because your smartbomb is useless if it takes a ping or luxury and t3 20 / 25k hp in smartbomb …

Why should you be allowed to just camp a gate with insta lockers to catch something easily? I have decloaked a couple of cloaky T3 already, it’s not impossible. And with enough corpses, cans and wrecks around a gate, you can reliably prevent their cloak. And ceptors can be killed with smartbombers.

Maybe you don’t understand? :slight_smile:


no is not possible to kill ceptor is use the ping you never catch him
and t3 it’s very smallchance to catch it is use inertia fitting,
guys i’m using stiletto and myrmidon remote sensor , i have 6k scan resoulation is not possible

Where’s the issue? They are fitted for traveling, not for fighting you. If they are a problem because they drop cynos, bait them in anoms and not on gates.

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Couple of bosons on the other side of the gate, it doesn’t get easier than that.

it is. the only ship that you can’t catch is <1s align (eg hecate with implants), and those are very frail and not nullified.

this is a paper/scissors etc game. If the other guy has the good ship/fit for a specific situation and makes no mistake, then he wins. You can smartbomb ceptors landing on gate from the previous gate, You can decloak t3cs when they start to align and warp. No you cannot catch travel ceptors landing from a different direction. Why would you? the guy in this ceptor has chosen the right ship and fit for this situation, and made no mistake. And you would want CCP to give you a magic bullet which helps you to win?

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have you tried using a boson or landing a couple of bombs?

I recently lost a Stealth Bomber to a LowSec gatecamp. The guys did something simple that prevented cloaking : they abandonned drones and scatter containers all around the gtas, which prevented cloaking because wherever you landed, something was too close. Couple that with instalocking tacklers, and boom : you have a gatecamp that can catch cloaky ships !

Not complicated, just time consuming.

that’s called dirtying a gate. just orbit the gate at 10000 (I think ?), and drop bodies as those don’t require a delay between drop, and are very easy to get once you have enough alt willing to sacrifice forr the cause.

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