Improvements to the Upwell Force Multipler I would like to see

In my experience defending Upwells from a larger ++ foe is always a losing battle. These ideas are to particularly improve Medium Upwell Structures and give the idea of them as a Force Multiplier more weight:

  • Remove the reactivation timer on disruptors and webs - The force multiplier here should be oppressive. Poor planning and poor ship loadouts should not be used as an excuse to limit the focused time upwell disruptors and webs can be used. People trying to solo kill a structure or who try scouting one out without a cloak should not be used as factors to prevent the removal of the reactivation timer. A fleet should consider properly scouting a structure to know if webs and disruptors are present and plan accordingly to counter (jam/neut the Structure or remote rep the victim).

  • Give Medium Upwell’s something to break up clusters - You changed your mind on giving us the GTFO, give us something else instead. For now call it the TGIF (The Gravity Inverter Fluctuator) that launches an AoE effect to a specific point that will, like a cosmic billiard ball, scatter all ships outward from the center of it depending on their mass. Like POS towers scattering ships when their shields are turned on, or bumpers bumping, ships will be scattered rapidly outward from the center of detonation. The larger the ship, the less impact, with the result that most frigates and cruisers will be sent several hundreds to a thousand KM away while larger ships like capitals would be scattered up to a couple hundred KM away. Unlike the GTFO, ships are not teleported to a random location in system but it can help a defensive fleet break up a cluster of attackers.

  • Give Upwell Structures a direct fire weapon system - a laser system would be my preference or, especially if you decide to not remove the reactivation timer, give us Upwell modified versions of the Triglavian disintegrators.

  • We have guided bombs as an ammo type, give us dumbfire, non-tracking bombs too. Just pick the point in space you want to fire and let it loose. It should fire from existing Upwell bomb launchers.

  • As a maybe: give Upwell Space Superiority Fighters a little more Umphf against small craft to include frigate sized ships, particularly with regards to their tackle: let it have a greater impact on their small MWD.

Cosmetic improvements:

  • Firework display launchers: the current ones require a target. My one big takeaway from the guardian galla: the firework displays were COOL. Give us the option to target a point (better would be multiple points) in space with a variable timer we can set. Let them fire any type of firework as well - should help accelerate the drain on fireworks in the market.

  • Upwell Skins.

Thank you for your time,

The only way making them stronger make’s sense is if structure’s cannot web or scram, forcing player’s to have to risk something a scram ship to keep enemies on grid, otherwise it becomes a problem of risklessness with huge power.

Really you want to be asking for things like command bursts. The slot limits being so low are a huge part of why they feel so weak. Each individual slot has to be hugely powerful to do anything.
Direct fire weapons are specifically not on them because of the way they would instant kill small ships

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I have never understood why something as big as a station cannot instapop smaller ships. They’re bigger than a Titan so why can they not fit hardware commensurate with their size. Yeah-yeah-yeah, I know, balance.

Instapop is bad and really we should have damage caps on ships to prevent instapop also. Because the most memorable fights are usually those where you had time to panic, and try things. Not the ones where you F1’ed for a bit then went bang.
The problem isn’t that they can’t instapop small ships. The problem is that larger ships laugh at them as well (Keepstar Doomsday and Bomb Launchers an exception)
And they don’t force multiply well at all either.

Because then eve will die for everyone except for mega alliance’s.

In this case maybe it must use almost all room to produce tremendous amount of energy to power it’s main role?

If they are bigger than a Titan they should use more resources too right, 200 bil for a fortizar 1tril for a keepstar?

It makes Sense, i agree to that

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Yeah, I recall that reason and I was disappointed in the response as well. They added the reactivation timer on webs making Upwell’s even more vulnerable to fast light craft. If they still think it is impractical then they need to add that new missile type very soon. A type that can catch up to and effectively damage light ships moving over 5k without having to constantly web them down.

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