Structures and their future

With Seige Green comes further updates to structures

In addition to blueprint tweaks, Upwell structures will be receiving significant changes to reinforcement mechanics and timers as follows:

All Upwell structures will have their shield damage cap removed. (Armor and hull damage caps remain in place)
Medium structures will have their hull reinforcement timer removed.
+100% to medium structure shield hitpoints.
+25% to large and extra-large structure shield hitpoints.
-75% hull hitpoints for medium structures.

“These changes are aimed at creating more interesting gameplay around attacking and defending medium structures such as an Athanor or Astrahus.”

All of the beautification and UI updates proposed at EvE FF 2022 likely more than a year away are going into theses structures now more easily destroyed. A brief history of structures brings more context.

  • When structures were first deployed to replace POSs they emerged with none of the automated defenses of POSs immeditely making them less combat worthy than what they were replacing
  • Fighters - Were changed to be “Structure” fighters that are much larger, more costly and easier to hit effecting a net reduction in combat value
  • It was later determined structure tackle already limited to one target at a time was too powerful so cycle time was reduced to 30 seconds with a 60 second cool down
  • Further analysis by CCP determined that structure weapons attacking one target at a time were too powerful so overall DPS was reduced.
  • The one weapon that can attack all targets in the tether zone now requires ammo effectively reducing its DPS as well.

Medium Structures larger than titan have less combat strength than a single dreadnought. Similarly Large structures the size of several titans and XL structures one of which docks titans have less combat strength than 3 dreadnoughts.

If the goal is meaningful activity, then why not make it more of a standup fight? Now that Damage Cap is removed from shields, seems upping firepower is more in order than reducing it. Allow the Structure to be part of the Fleet to coordinate defense. Provide multiple player controlled weapon batteries configurable with missiles, bombs, guns and lasers for additional players similar to taking control of POS guns. No expansion of fighters, those remain controlled by the stations main gunner.

If no one is there, the additional weapon hard points stay silent.


They might be larger than a dreadnought, but they cost about as much as a faction battleship.

Because CCP wants you to sell PLEX and use the much more expensive Fortizar or whatever to be “safe.”

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Carriers/Dreads in highsec to counter Keepstars or no Keepstars in highsec.


Interesting game play? This is going to decimate wormhole small/medium sized corps. Now they have to go large or not at all. Thanks for making the distance between starting a corp and actually making structures even more unattainable. Seriously does CCP even have people who play this game? Who cares if you can retain a new player, only to frustrate their ambitions. Why even make a corp when you would be better off joining a huge blob corp that already can afford to have people in large structures? This change seems purely motivated by Null Sec needs and not a hint even thought through for Wormholes.

I’m not really into the the sky is falling group, as far as CCP’s roll-outs, but this one certainly should make everyone consider what the hell they are investing all their time into a changes being made by a small group of people vs. the thousands it effects.


CCP doesn’t particularly care for small groups (they’ll never admit it, but they honestly don’t) because that’s not what sells the game in mass media; giant space battles do. How many times did you read a story of a solo pirate ransoming a target of opportunity in their marketing copy? Not a single time, right? Now, how many times did you read about being part of a massive fleet battle?

Gotta get with the program, kid. :smirk:


I think Dreads is enough, we can keep Carriers a LS/NS thing.

For some time now you can not anchor Keepstars in highsec anymore.
The ones already anchored previous to the modification remained, because it is not ok to remove forcefully something already deployed by players.

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Just remove weapons from medium structures but allow 1 control tower anchor to like 100-150 km away or closer

Towers will again be useful for at least defense.
Downside will be an extra fuel cost for tower.
Reinforce timer will stay for control towers.
If you have the firepower and logis, you can still try to nuke the structure ignoring the control tower defences.
Or just take out tower defense and nuke the structure.

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Good one, i giggled.

No, they listen to whatever the goons say.

But it’s okay to make structures so garbage that anyone can ‘remove’ them. Once again smaller organization are getting showed the door. If you dont start with thousands of members to defend your stuff then you dont start at all, this will be a station slaughter in WH and HS. Shield/armor will be wrecked in minutes and -75% hull… yeah… -75%…

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I’m relevantly stupid compared to more experienced players but i feel as if the devs made this update not so much to help out smaller corps since even if they take down a structure they can’t hope to hold the space that they now have against a bigger corp. but more as a sink since more structures will be destroyed and every time that happens billions of isk are gona disappear. so i think its more them trying to make isk leave the game then help out new corps. and yes you could argue that it would be more fun gameplay but i somehow doubt that since i feel as if more thrilling gameplay would include being able to have multi gunners or such on a structure and having them actually play a role in the battle

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People don’t want to waste their money, if you create a money sink in game people will step away from that mechanic, most people are naturally reluctant to losses, this change will just increase that feeling towards the game. A money sink that is just frustrating for the victim is not a good mechanic.

Now what you will see is small corps and alliances lose their structures like flies because they now are ■■■■ and then most players in those corps will stop playing.

Sure the pirates will be thrilled that theres plenty of easy structures to kill but then what, you just got rid of an even larger chunk of your industrialist background. Feels like another change so that ccp can sell ships and modules directly to players in the near future, with no industry they can charge whatever they want for a ship right?

2 dollars for a catalyst!
10 dollars for a raven!
100 dollar for a revelation!
Who said 1000$ for an Avatar? You got it!

This is eve’s future, already kinda is the case with plex but soon enough you’ll HAVE to buy ■■■■ from their cash shop, after they scoured the whole ■■■■■■■ industry playerbase.


also just one last though i feel as if a lot of the smaller corps are just gona return to POs after this they still have indy capabilities and they will have a lot more defense in terms of DPS and if you lose one its not the hardest thing to replace.

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They’ll nerf those into the ground too, to make sure they dont have pesky players competing with their cash shop.

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ya i can see that update in about 1 month after all the big infrastructure is destroyed and people are using POS instead

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This game is going down, 27k people in prime time is top, with alt’s this is not more then 20k people. So CCP can say whtv they want but thy are not doing good job.

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Structures are made of materials not isk. If I blow up a station 0 isk is destroyed

Yes but if u blow up a station there are many sinks. 1) station is gone station = billions of isk. 2) not everything in the station drops as loot. So therefore many items are removed from the game. Items=money. The ships that will be destroyed and there fits. Ships = money. And they don’t drop all there fittings so more items gone. So yes while no actual isk will be lost the players assests will seize to exist which is still an isk sink just with items instead of money.

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I always have to be reminded of this basic idea. That destroyed ship, structure, or set of implants has an isk value, but that isk was PAID to someone for the item. The receiver of that payment still has the isk, or they have circulated it to someone else. The isk sinks are what you buy from NPC’s. My ancient old brain can’t think of the other real isk sinks, where the isk disappears from the game.

The biggest one in the game is market tax.

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Anything you buy/sell on the market has a portion of its value removed from the game due to taxes. So if you lose something and buy it back you do indeed delete some isk, just a fraction though.

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