Structures and their future

As you may or may not be aware, the “meaningful activity” or even the alleged problem that these changes are supposed to solve [u]WERE NEVER MENTIONED ANYWHERE.[/u] At least, not by CCP. Lots of Goons and blue donut mouth breathers (e.g. null CSM BrisK) have said it was because too many smaller groups were “invading” thier space and it was too much effort to get their line members excited to go reinforce and kill all of the smaller structres that allowed smaller groups to live in their space without paying rent.

Lots of horse ■■■■ all around, though the WH folks are by far hurt the most with these changes. Now the big blue donuts keep their stronger hold on their space (too hell with anybody who wants to challenge them because N+1 wins always, and when it doesn’t they complain to CCP to nerf the tactics of the small groups so that their brain dead N+1 tactics continue to always win.

Fortunately, CCP is also quite bad at getting rid of old stuff, so we can move back into a group of POS’s for the time being. So much for the old goals of making citadels viable replacements to a POS, huge step backwards here, but here we are.

Anyway, +1 to this thread and hopefully CCP can pull their head out of their ass with these structure changes.


I remember CCP saying they want NS to shift every now and then. Now only large structures will offer anything stable, you’ll need an army to defend the medium ones. How’s that good for the game, the balance of power will be once again shifted towards the large, already established groups.


well maybe i was a bit wrong about the isk sink maybe calling it a resource sink would be a better way of wording it.