In orbit with destiny. part 1


This is one of my very first attempts of writing stories evolved around my character as quite many of EvE friends have encouraged me to do so. They are not considered IC knowledge unless in very specific situations(or your character was there).

Apologies beforehand for my poor writing skills, its something I keep on working to improve.


The woman went through the security checkpoint and waited for a few moments for her colleague to do the same.

“It’s not every day we get to speak to the man himself huh?”

Said Yalasad as he had been cleared for entry.

“No its not…but its not everyday we get to have some good news now do we?”

Replied the woman with a serious tone.

"Well I don’t know what to tell you…Monsieur Sepphiros is far more understanding than any of my previous employers….but he is the most demanding of them all at the same time, I can tell you that much. "

The SICH offices in Thera were pretty much buzzing with the ever increased workforce, however at these executive floors of the offices, there was hardly anyone observed apart from the occasional security droids and some office staff.

“You worked at Carthum and prior to that to a Holder isnt that correct Yalasad?”

Asked the woman without ever giving a look at her colleague.

“Indeed so, and I can safely say that in all those years of my long life, I ve never been as stressed as today…”

Said the man as if reluctantly keeping up with the pace the woman set as they walk a white corridor leading to an automated door, the dreaded conference room.

“…Its why I chose to work here Yalasad…the thrill of working on things that really matter, with enough freedom that nobody else would enjoy. I have worked for other capsuleers and I can tell you that this stress you are feeling, its all worth it under this organization.”

The man nodded as they reached the door and Yalasad raised his hand for the palm screen

“…How he says it? 'It is when you can feel as if every particle around your body, shakes,during the scientific discovery, that you know you are being tested by the Gods…”

The woman smiled and nodded at the man as the door opened before them. They entered, side by side and without sitting at the empty but long stylish conference room, stood in almost near military attention against the figure across them. It wasn’t within regulation to sit in attention before anyone within SICH but for some reason most people end up doing so when they have an official meeting with Sepphiros. Many attribute that to how himself is always in a strict straight pose and that others are trying to imitate it. Others do it by show of respect, while others argue that the rapid militarization of the group itself might have something to do with it.

Across from them was a long window section overlooking one of the shattered planets of Thera in the great depths of space distance. Ioannis Sepphiros was looking across space, his palms united one against the other, wearing a traditional Intaki robe. He looked down for a moment as if he was weak enough to even stand and after a few moments.

“Thank you both for coming…I was informed you have news for me…”

Said in a slow verse in the beginning and then seemed to gather his self.

The two employees nodded and looked each other briefly before Yalasad proceeding to speak.

“Its about project Ascend sir. We are ready to progress to the next phase.”

Sepphiros looking at space again through the window but it was as if he was staring at their eyes.

“…But you have reservations Elsayja…”

The young Minmatar woman made a small sigh and nodded.

“I believe we are severely pressuring the staff…and with it the parameters of the prototypes. I fear we might be looking into people wishing to be on time within the deadlines set rather than facing the reality of the matter.”

“…Which is…”

Sepphiros said before the woman picking up from where he left off.

“Which is that for the amount of population project Ascend is designed for, the time-frame that Leadership has set might place into jeopardy the livelihood of the future status of the project itself.”

Sepphiros made a turn against the window and his body now was facing the two scientists across him, with the long conference table between them. He proceeded towards one of the chairs and looking at the floor, considering what Elsayja said, he leaned against a chair, placing pressure with his hands and looking at Yalasad.

“And you agree with the statement of your colleague Mister Yalasad?”

The man weighed in for a moment what was being discussed and then nodded without saying a word.

“I see. I see…Tell me, would you safely regard project Ascend as something that has been tried before in New Eden?”

The two scientists looked at each other briefly, as if discussing between their thoughts about the question posed to them. The two after all were working for months in SICH and at the Project’s Ascend team. Elsayja offered still looking at Yalasad.

“I would say that despite countless attempts from Humanity in the past, nothing poses the volatility that project Ascend has proposed in terms of execution.”

Turning her eyes to meet the gaze of Sepphiros .

“In other words… I don’t know although I doubt something like this has been tried before, looking at it holistically…”

Sepphiros taking in her response and for several moments, gazing at the conference room, before resuming his thoughts.

“And yet, here we are in this very room in this very moment. With the fate of the cluster becoming more questionable with each passing moment. Business as usual for our enemies in the SoE, their criminal counterparts, the so called organized societies of the big four and of course the ever disappointing failure that constitutes the majority of capsuleers out there. By the time they realize what we have decoded through Rhea Initiative and by the time they connect the dots, the moment of significance will have long surpassed the moment of action and the gears of fate will be set in motion irreversibly.”

Lets out a small breather as if he was tense. He looked around in the room and then at the two employees.

“I need not to remind you of what is at stake. I need not to remind you what we are up against. I need not to remind you that we are taking a path that nobody else is willing to take. Which is why I want no reservations in the back of your minds. Our work demands the constant pursuit of perfection.”

The two scientists instinctively moved their heads up and down, nodding in understanding and feeling a fugitive feeling of letting down, not him, but themselves.

“We are up against time itself. We are up against forces that do not take well into aberrant mindsets. We are up against forces that only look to move forward their agendas, be damned if it means New Eden engulfed on fire. Utilize every moment, remember of your loved ones, be at peace with yourself and look within. Ultimately we are fighting against humanity’s very nature. Project Ascend must be finished within the time-frame scheduled, if not faster. The data are staggering and we have a clear understanding of what is about to happen. Despite all the difficulties so far, remember that our work, hasn’t even begun yet.”

He turned his back at the two scientists and walked close to the window again.

“Begin the next phase, do whatever it takes and never forget…We are in orbit with destiny.”


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