In search for the perfect specimen

It was mid morning when this division came across my notepad that I wrote weeks before about how finding what I had once thought to be the one perfect frozen corpse would make the top of my list.

Looking closer at it made me instantly feel displeased and unhappy with the way it was just shoved into the back of my cargo hanger without a care to take it out for a journey of mining.

There is definitely something wrong herewith the arrangement with such frozen corpse as to the way it had been kept stacked along side the rest of my collection.

The thought of obtaining yet another frozen corpse excites me to venture out into New Eden in search for the perfect frozen specimen.

Perhaps you can help?

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It’s me. I’m the perfect specimen.

For a small fee I don’t mind being podded. It’ s not very pleasant but I’ve done it before and I got through it, it was over pretty quickly. I’d do it again for the right price. I’ve done worse things for money.

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