[INACTIVE] WTS 29.7m SP PVE/PVP combat pilot (non-cap)

Hi, returning to the game and want to start fresh. Selling 2009 D.O.B. character with varied skills.

Destroyers and Battlecruisers 5 (all)
Decent Drone skills
Decent Missile and Gunnery skills
Solid PI skills (for some reason)
Basic overall support skills (scanning, trade, haulers, socials etc)

29,762,520 sp total
Jita 4-4
Remap available
Jumpclone with 4+ implants available in T-8V0F - 2 (Sansha region of 0.0)
Positive wallet
+5.0 Sec status
9.5 Standing with Caldari Navy
Decent standings with Amarr factions
No Kill Rights
SKIN: Deathglow Remnant (Slasher)

Open to fair offers


25B bro

I want use 25b to buy it :yum:

Best offer by @F2887N so far - 25b.

Anyone bidding more?

If I won’t get anymore offers in 2 days from now he will be yours :slight_smile:

25.5B offer

Current best offer 27B by @F2887N

Any other bids?

Alright last chance - will be sold tomorrow for 27B to @F2887N if there are no more bids

sry bro I have another cheaper offer. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Alright what would be your offer then @F2887N?

you can give him [mmm Xx] :smiling_face_with_tear:

Are you still interested?

Is this still active? The QA link no longer works

nope :smiling_face_with_tear: