Incentivising War Eligibility

Now that you can opt out of wars there needs to be value to every day pilots to be war eligible and not just the large or structure focused players.

I propose that pilots get increased hi-sec gains for all activities done in hi-sec space (not docked )while they are war eligible. this gain could be increased further while actually at war.

Pilots can still opt out as they do now or they can increase risk for more reward.

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Risk has been lowered by being able to opt out of wardecs. There isn’t somehow more risk than there was for the last 15 years if you are wardec eligible, so more reward doesn’t make much sense, and we don’t really need more ISK in the game.

If anything, there should be an additional Empire tax applied to Corps that are non wardec eligible, associated with the lower risk compared to before.

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I’m not sure extra standings gains are going to be the carrot needed to motivate people to let you shoot at them. And if you mean bounties/mission completion isk rewards, I’m not sure CCP will go for making the faucets even larger.

That would make sense and should probably be a thing. I wouldn’t mind paying an extra 2-5% in tax to not get decced.

Were not at where we were over last 15 years , this is effectively a new activity which shares the war dec name and a couple of features.
People don’t need to be part of this system and most will view it as something to be avoided.

Also, a gain does not have to be isk, although it shouldn’t not be just because other areas of the game are broken.

There is no need for an incentive. Take the mechanics as intended, instead of as you want them to be, and think it through.

Being able to build structures is an incentive. Anyone who wants to grow his corp first, before he shows some balls, can do so. Anyone who does not want to go to war will not go to war. There is absolutely no reason to bait people into this, and it would go counter to the whole point of the change!

Rewarding people for playing the game is ■■■■■■■■, because it makes people play the game for the reward instead of game’s sake. Let them choose their path without trying to manipulate them into something they might not want!

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The issue is high sec structures suck. They have pitiful bonuses, and pitiful defences due to lack of aoe weapons.
That is where you want to address the desire of people to be war eligible. Make them better for the owning corp than for everyone else to incentivise being in a target able corp, make them actually have some real force multiplying effects such as being able to fit command boosts or fax style reps, and you will see corps forming around structures. (totally on board with a shorter armour to hull timer if they get better bonuses and force multiplication effects)
Keep them pitiful and acl giving full bonus and wonder why 2 years down the line most high sec corps choose to not be war eligible after pirat goes structure fishing for too long and over hunts.

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If you think so, sure.

The mechanic is clearly a work in progress and i believe my idea would be a good addition.

" Being able to build structures is an incentive"
yes it is but not to everyone.

"Anyone who does not want to go to war will not go to war. "
Yep but alot of people would be happy to if there was a gain for them.

" There is absolutely no reason to bait people into this"
is putting higher gains in a wormhole or nullsec bating people ?

Every feature i can think of in eve has or can have isk and/or other incentives for taking part.

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What’s your point? You can not design features around everyone, that’s not how people work.

That’s what you think, yet there’s ample evidence that people don’t work that way. See also CCP’s sad attempts of getting more people to lowsec by buffing income. People who do not want to go to war will not go to war.

Yes, it is. It always is. Your argument is none and you’re shooting yourself in the foot. The very people you imagine to require incentive to put up a structure could just as well go to jspace for the higher rewards. They don’t do that, though, and you’re ignoring the very reason why they’re not!

Do you have any empathy, or at least a tiny shred of understanding of people? The whole base of this thread and your “idea” is greed … and nothing else.

What is the real reason your against this? you don’t have to take part just as now so is it that you don’t want people who are prepared to be war eligible makeing more gains than you? i feel a lot of anger in your replys.

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You don’t feel anything. I already explained the reason why I’m against this in my very first post. Don’t try making it about me when you fail to understand the points presented against your idea.

What’s so hard to understand about this?

There is zero reason to believe you really care about getting more people to be decced. Everything rather points at you wanting these higher rewards. A botter/multiboxer can easily benefit from the higher rewards, even in the unlikely case that he actually gets wardecced and his structure destroyed.

You don’t care about people having fun, you rather want them to baited into a situation where they will feel miserable. You’re only about greed and nothing else.

The only valid point i see so far is that that you have tabled is that it could be exploited and I’m sure ccp could implement something with that in mind.

Anyway thanks for your input :slight_smile:

The incentive is already there, but not as you expect it. If you want better bonuses on your structures move to lowsec or nullsec.

Not understanding that greed drives you, making you blindly assume that other people are equally greedy and thus easily manipulated into doing something they don’t want …

… is not a problem you are able to comprehend?

yep there is plenty structure related incentives, i would like to include incentives for everyday pilots to want to be in war eligible corps who might not be interested in structures.

Not interested

Most people are smart they will have a 200 man corp active corp that cannot be decked. I have now seen a very active 1000 man corp that cannot be decked. Even then they use a 1 man corp alliance to put down structures. Meaning if the alliance gets decked, their members are still safe.

Right now they are busy loosing a Tatara and multiple structures in the same system. With no willingness to join their main 1000 man corp as allies to protect it. I think they are quite happy with the new mechanics. And prolly don’t care loosing 20bil.

However I think that will change when the war HQ changes come because then they will have a target they can fight to end the war. At the same potentially give the attackers content in the form of protecting their own structures. I know I sound optimistic but I these kind of people will fight anyway.

I had a corp decked just because they had a link to zkill to showcase their kills… (Spoiler… they had none) in the corp info and some structures. They complained that they are indy corp and must be left alone and will not engage. Members left corp, loosing structures. fun times I guess.

This, so much this.

I am hoping that this will be the case too.

– There will always be someone else who will declare that it’s not enough. –