Incorruptibles are in a Wormhole near you! – US/EU PvP focused WH Corp

Incorruptibles (1NC0R) is a PvP focused wormhole corporation operating out of a Wolf Rayet C4-C3/C2. US/EU timezones.

We are looking to grow our numbers with pilots eager to live the wormhole lifestyle, and make good friends along the way.

What we offer:

  • A stable atmosphere in which to play
  • Frequent PvP fleet roams and Rage Rolls
  • Abundant opportunities for ISK generation
  • A logistic supply chain with which to import / export
  • A Welcome Package consisting of ships, modules, and essential items for new members
  • Enthusiastic Wrecking and Welping
  • A tight-knit community who frequently play games outside of EVE

What we require:

  • Your main character must be Omega
  • Must be able to fly Covert Ops ships
  • Active participation in corp operations
  • Willingness to join comms (Discord) and participate in corporate activities
  • A friendly, teamwork oriented mindset

If you are interested, we’d love to talk with you!


You may have seen our station advert in-game, or saw it mentioned in a Kotaku article!

Or maybe you would prefer to read about our undercover exploits in PC Gamer!

Are you a veteran of DUST 514? Did you know that Incorruptibles has the most active former DUST players per capita out of all corporations in EVE Online?

It’s true!

Come share your war stories with us in Incorruptibles

(You can also talk to like-minded players in the DUST 514 Veterans Discord)

Incorruptibles: Where everyone knows your spacename!

(Unless of course you’re the dark and brooding type. We hand out masks at the door.)

Spooky space is best space!

Dive in today with Incorruptibles!

Do you have a creative streak when it comes to art, animation, or music?

You’ll fit right in with Incorruptibles!

(Just don’t call us memelords! We prefer the term eccentric)

While we do not have any players participating in this year’s Alliance Tournament, we’re cheering on the other wormhole groups who do!

Come be a part of the wormhole family with Incorruptibles!

Incorruptibles will buy your corpses!

Whether they be your own, or those of your vanquished foes, join the in-game channel “Blessed Corpse” or contact “Jadek Kin” for fair prices!

(We’re also recruiting :wink: )

Pathfinder may be dead, but our passion for exploring wormholes knows no bounds.

Every Hole is a Goal for Incorruptibles!

We’re not elite, nor are we hardcore…

But damnit, we do have a lot of fun as we take every bit of Bait we can find.

Take it with us, in Incorruptibles!

We suck at karaoke. Sorry.


We don’t mine very often, but we do sometimes blow up miners holding ore!

That’s close enough for Incorruptibles.

Incorruptibles are still recruiting, and we’re looking more US timezone players to bolster our #NightCrew!

We made an exception and ventured out of our wormhole to participate in CCP’s GM Week!

Needless to say, our killboard is a little more green today.

Death to bots! - Incorruptibles

If you join Incorruptibles, you may find yourself entering some… Interesting sites!


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