Small PvP focused WH corp seeks members

Calling all pilots…

Are you interested in WH life?
Are you bord with Kspace and the politics that goes with it?
Running missions for minimal reward?
Why not join us!

Pirata Coelestis

A new small corp made from members who have lived in wormholes for over a year, we are currently roaming wormholes for pvp and pve money making.

We are now living in a C2 with all the home comforts you expect.

We are mainly EU based and English speaking.

We have a plan, we have a goal. Why not come and be part of that?!

For more information:
Join Pirata Publica in game
or talk with Azrael Hunts or AJCorb

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Come chat with us! :smiley:

There maybe or may not be cake, we are unsure as of this time. But the more people the higher the chances.

The cake has all gone, but the cookies are very tasty!!!

Come and get the party started with us!

The party is getting good! Don’t miss the chance to shake that booty!

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