New Wormhole corp looking for members

Calling all pilots…

Are you interested in WH life?
Are you bored with Kspace and the politics that goes with it?
Are you bored with running missions for minimal reward?
Do you thirst for more action and excitement?
If your answer is yes, Come Join Us!

Pirata Coelestis

A new small corp made from members who have lived in wormholes for over a year, and have made a return to a lovely little C2 with multiple stations, and more to go up too.

What we can provide:
Daily PVP, small gang or roaming
Isk making opportunities
mining, gassing, sleeper killing.
indy friendly as long as you will pvp when needed.
Currently shield based but soon to move into armour
Discord and TS comms.
Mapping tools
Friendly people to fly with
A good laugh
And most important. A home in eve.
Large indy setup and is expanding all the time

What we expect from you:
Not to be a dick
NOT to be a DICK
Eagar to pvp
Not scared to lose ships
Ability to take part in fleet ops and follow orders from fc’s
5m sp minimin non alpha
Ability to fly a covert ops ships
Ability to fly the gila
Ability to scan.

We are mainly EU based and English speaking.

We have a plan, we have a goal. Why not come and be part of that?!

For more information:
Join Pirata Publica in game
or talk with Azrael Hunts or AJCorb

Still on the lookout for some pilot who love PVP come and join the fun

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