Indignation Industries [IN211] is hiring!

Tired of mining Veldspar in hisec? Want to at least TRIPLE your income? Then Indignation Industries wants YOU!

We are a new-player friendly corporation focused on mining operations in low-security space. Ore in lowsec is worth three to eight times as much as what you can find in hisec. The dangers are also much greater, but there is strength in numbers and a herd of Procurers can mine much more safely than alone.

Those who mine with us will be able to immediately sell their ore on site for the best buy order price available in Dodixie without the need to haul their ore back through lowsec.

In addition, members can purchase Procurer hulls at cost, saving approximately 8-10 million isk compared to the best sell order price at Dodixie.

Only bare-minimum mining skills are needed to get started. If you can fly a Venture with two Miner Is, you can get started!

Contact Maarek Vandham if interested.

low-sec industrial

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