53 mil mining alt

(Operator123 Operator123) #1

has exhumers to 5 and training for a rorqual. not far off. looking for a place to mine in peace.

(Humuhumunukunukuapua'a) #2

hey man. we have nullsec, low sec and wh to mine in. moon goo and regular goo, and ice.

come fly a rorqual with us in a wh and make some mad money in relative safety (its eve after all).

if interested hit me up. hop in comms and have a beer or 4 and we can shoot the ■■■■.

also we are US TZ primarily.

(Cpt Flowers) #3

You should check out Rebels of Industry (ROI). We have what you’re looking for: https://forums.eveonline.com/t/dealwithitparrot-rebels-of-industry-us-eu-is-recruiting

(Operator123 Operator123) #4

still looking for a place to live and mine.

(Jonny Darkoo) #5

If you don’t mind doing a few fleets you should check us out.

(Type Blue) #6

Hey bud o/

Unsure on your tz but if you’re anywhere from West Coast US through to EU we have what you need.

The majority of info is here…

Short version though, Hi Sec mining corp, new but growing well and active. Based in a nice cluster of 0.5’s with ice nearby. We have our own structures we refining, manufacturing & research. We’re close to 2 major trade hubs.

If you’re interested, get in touch :slight_smile:

Corp Recruiters: Senturiam | Tyrana Creed | Type Blue
In Game Chat: Hive Industries Inc
Discord: HIVE Industries Inc

(Kayelle) #7

Do you want to mine in peace or for a purpose?

Join Mostly Sober - Build a New Tenerifis!

(Operator123 Operator123) #8

got some good offers still looking for a home to mine. willing to sell everything i mine back to the corp.

(Operator123 Operator123) #9

still looking for a home to mine in.

(Varrek Rexdraco) #10

We have started moon mining in J-space. See Worm hole coalition looking for pilots and corps for some details. Contact me if you want to give that a go.

Regards Varrek Rexdraco

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