Worm hole coalition looking for pilots and corps

Ubertech Enterprises is a Worm hole training and management corporation.
We run and operate multiple worm hole locations in a coalition style environment.
Corporations grouped together in common cause to enjoy and profit in J-space. We are looking for pilots of any skill level who want to Mine / Moon mine, PI, PVE Rat, Data/Relic, and combat.

So, whether you want to join as a pilot or get access for your corporation we have accommodations for you!
Ubertech and our coalition partners currently offer office space at no cost. POCO taxes are currently 0%. Fuel cost sharing or small incremental tax can be expected to cover station fuel costs with the new update.
Ubertech specializes on teaching how to live and thrive in J-space.
We teach how to:

  • Earn the most ISK possible with Planetary Interaction.
    • Main and 2 alts pilots can earn 2B a month with our system on PI alone.
    • New pilots can be an Eve Billionaire inside the first month.
  • Data and relic Sites.
  • NPC Sleeper sites
  • Mining - regular / gas site / moon mining
  • Succeed at Industry
  • Research BPOs
  • Maximize skill training plans by optimizing neural remaps.

We do not offer ship replacement. We show you how to make the ISK to achieve any goal.
We do help you to meet your goals and or put you in touch with a Corporation that can.

UberTech is not a PVP corp, but we have several coalition corporations that are.
They offer:

  • Training on PVP techniques
  • Relaxed PVP roams
  • Advise and access to fits
  • No pap requirements
  • Worm space site camping
  • Access to low/null space corporations.
    Ubertech does not require or need API keys. As a wormhole corp the first rule of business is to ship all the assets out of the hole. Asset exposure is minimal, so there is no giant payday waiting for spies. Secondly this is a coalition. We have no control or interest in monitoring every pilot in our space. Other coalition corporations may require API keys as they see fit.
    We are seeking interested pilots and corps, new and old that want to enjoy what J-space has to offer.

The coalition has only 3 rules:

  1. No shooting the coalition pilots
  2. Fly our symbol in the ship name
  3. No live streaming

C2 with HiSec/C3 static
C3 with Hisec Static

If this sounds like something that may be of interest to you and or your corporation of pilots. Contact Varrek Rexdraco for more details.

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