Individual Dreams are Recruiting - Sov Null Sec PvP Corp

Calling newer and experienced toons alike, Individual Dreams are looking for willing pilots to participate in amazing content. While we like to do PvP we also love PvE and we like to make a balance between the two. We have a large industrial core allowing us to build whatever we need locally, meaning fewer and fewer trips to Jita.


  • Consistent Timers where you can choose whether or not to participate in
  • Corp Roams every other week
  • Tons of fitting and PvP help to those wanting to learn PvP
  • Experienced FC’s willing to help you learn the ropes of FCing


  • Ratting anomalies abound! Get those dank ticks.
  • Mining anomalies abound! Moon goo Included!
  • Experienced incursion pilots to help you explore endgame PVE
  • Experienced indy toons to guide you on your industrial path

Our Requirements:

  • Being a decent human being (this is hard to do)
  • Teamspeak and Discord

What you can expect from us:

  • A fun and friendly environment, to chat with daily on discord
  • Training and guidance for all pilots in all areas of the game
  • A healthy collection of blueprints to get those things you crave built locally
  • Alliance SRP for doctrine fit ships
  • A well seeded market, and trade channels to sell your wares through
  • Regular JF service at very reasonable prices

Contact Xerxes Hakaze or Arturo Safariii in game for more info!

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