Industriales Agrupados Recruiting


I represent Industriales Agrupados, a Hispanic corporation that is old in the game but that, for various reasons, has been asleep for a few years. As of today, we are opening a recruitment period, mainly interested in miners, with the capacity to mine any mineral from the game and military with command of the ship at cruiser level.
In a second phase, we would be interested in aspiring directors in the following sectors: Commerce, Logistics and Military. By the time the previous phase is complete, we will further specify the requirements for those positions and what we offer in return.
Finally, in a third and final phase, the recruitment will be opened for novices who have finished or are finishing the academy phase. This last phase, in principle, will be indefinite. Thank you all for your attention and we await your requests with enthusiasm !!

Garth Narreth
INAG Founder CEO

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