Industry changes, tomorrow?

I have seen people saying the patch for industry changes is going to drop on the 27, was there any announcement by CCP ?

There is no announcement from CCP but CCP said they would release phase 2 2 weeks or so after phase 1. That’s why people are taking estimated guesses because no one at CCP under Rattati and Psych knows what someone else at CCP does. It all falls under their clever tagline of “discovery gameplay experience”. This load of buzzwords excuses anything they do and screw up.


Sooner or later.

They should just employ a bot called CCP Soon to blargh at us.

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people complained about CCP Soon ©

No more CCP indication => no more mistake. They made the correct choice.


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its a big money grab ccp should be ashamed by its not ccp iceland but ccp korea now, like r2 …owned by an auto company… all will change to their view of fleecing as much money as they can til you quit

Only if people make themselves whales and buy more plex lol.

Way some see this its jsut a gimme to the haves over the have nots. Those who have are already in the spot to capitalize the most. You got some isk barons around who have have all racial titans and/or supers. They had the isk…make the game like pokemon. Gotta collect em all.

Clearly they have the means and know how to make money. Its how many got their own self bought titans in the first place.

And they won’t be dipping into the weekly how about…this bait to buy more plex!. You know you want the skin in this package.

Side note of please put me out of my misery CCP. Wolf and jaguar justice skins…cc is on standby. You teased me this week the cane and stabber. I need the AF’s. Cane was dead to me when you killed dual neuto cane long ago lol. Man…fun times that setup.

Well, the changes were live yesterday (my time) when I tried installing a Providence into build.

So today I had to go out and buy near three billion worth of the new component BPOs. They’ll be a while in research, but so are everyone else’s. And that’s working out just fine in one respect. With no one building, mineral prices are dropping fast.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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Is this not a sandbox game? How come u people dont moderate in game channels

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