Industry Corp looking for alliance

we are a 3 man solo industry/pve corp looking to join a laid back alliance one that is in null or low sec around caldari or amarr and more industry wise or not as we are trying to get out of high sec. we are mostly into industry and pve ratting we are not really into pvping as we seem to not be good at it we tend to lose more ships than gain but we are veterans been playing for years just seems harder to solo now so we are looking to join up with a good alliance one thats (non-pirate) also one of our mates is deaf unfortunately his cochlear implant is broken so we never used TS or any others . so we are hoping that is not a problem. please feel free to msg me or mail me in game aswell

  • Blue Lee

Would you consider joining an existing corp? 3 ppl is a bit small to join an alliance?

We also have some non alliance blue corps that are allowed to mine rent free (but not rat) in our space. Mail me in game for details.

on behalf of my alt, have a look at LEEKSWARM federation,

Contact Tina Mori or Oakey1

They have no strict rules, and your corp would be welcome

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