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i have Q that google can’t A in full.

i.)i am looking for home for indy char ( BPC&Invention) . So, I have opened ingame map- invention and copy jobs finished last 24 hours. Here were big red dots -524 jobs at WH-JCA and 212 jobs at X445-5 . I have checked at dotlan map-it’s a home of Sniggerdly corporation. In their corporation’s description no word about industry (suckas=bitches?), . at logo is octopus but a name of facility is Krab Sanctuary. Is it top industry corp? :confused:

ii.)what a pros to join corp - the station has 10% fix tax and the mostly corps has the same 10%? does structure role bonus good reason to join?

iii)does all moons an planets booked by corp vets&leaders in low/null? or new player has a possiblity PI still?

iv) offtopic. why should I pray to Bob in wh and to James 315 in low sec? nobody touch my ship, asking to pray only.

thank you.


I haven’t understood your english 100%, but ill try and help you where i can.

i) sniggerdly is definitely not a industry corp. (not in the traditional sense anyway) wink

ii)i if you’re talking about citadels and engineering complexes , you don’t have to join the owner’s corp to use them.the tax depends on what the owner has set. so it could vary from owner to owner. and most of the top ECs have good rigs. like most of the ones in Jita.(unless something has changed)

iii) you can use any moon that can has PI resources.(if they haven’t changed anything) however if the custom’s office is not owned by the npcs , and is owned by a player/corp, the tax rate can be increased to the point where importing/exporting without losing tons of profit is impossible. so it might be in your best interest to join a sov-holding corp/alliance, since they usually offer lower taxes to members. you can try in providence which is npc-null sec , but the randomness and the roaming gangs making it unpredictable. cloakers are a thing too, so there’s that. (npc tax can be reduced using a skill)

iv)Varies from person to person. i don’t pray to anyone in particular.(maybe RNGesus)

hope that answers your questions,let me know if it doesn’t.


Co-operative industry in the sense of people working together to build something is difficult because real life can interfere with your schedule in unpredictable ways and shared access to corporate hangars and wallets requires a high level of trust. Most manufacturers work alone using ALTS. Industrial corps usually mean scheduled mining fleets with boosts, corp facilities for reprocessing, production, research and invention plus corp buyback programs for loot, salvage, ore, minerals and PI.

In sovereign nullsec the sovereign alliance will own the POCOs and members of the alliance will have exclusive or discounted access to them. In NPC null or empire space you can setup PI on any planet but it’s up to the POCO owner to decide whether you can use their facility and the tax rate you will be required to pay.

Structure owners will charge a tax on the job cost for use of their facilities. Job cost is dependent on the system cost index which depends on the amount of industrial activity in the system. It’s cheaper to work in a backwater system far away from trade hubs - but less convenient. Job cost will vary from about 1% of the value of the product to about 10%. Taxes will usually be 3% to 10% of the job cost but will vary depending on the whim of the owner.

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As the others have said, the biggest problem is why would they trust you? EVE allows new recruit to join and steal all blueprints from corp. As a result, recruiting interview is about trust not about what skills your industry character has.


  1. Sniggerdly is a well-known corporation, member of Pandemic Legion alliance (big alliance in 0.0 space), and if you look at their PVP activity you will see that they kill big capital/industry ships, specifically freighters and Rorquals, carriers, etc… They are PVP’ers.

  2. Structure bonus is good reason to be in a corp., yes. But it’s not about having the industry skills trained, it’s about trust. So if you’re an industry and don’t want your blueprints stolen, you make your own corp. If you want to join a corp, they won’t trust you for industry unless you’ve been a member for a long time and proven that you can be trusted.

  3. All moons and planets are booked by the people who are TRUSTED. Typically the directors. As a new player if you join they may give you access, to see if you can be trusted, but they may also steal all your stuff and laugh at you. It’s all about finding the right corp. You need to trust them too. You have to do more research than what you did to find Sniggerdly.

  1. you are right-they are pvp but looks like are strong in industry too. it is strange that don’t exist ratings in a game( top 100 pvp corps, top miner’s corp ,the best killer, the richest corp etc). it could be much easier for new players like me, to choose appropriate corp or manage personal goals.
    2.3. everybody lies©. i have read eve-u topic of corporation after your answer. it seems bad diversified structure of access limits to assets & services.
    i believe that somehow all people are good despite of human self-absorbed nature.

ok, my choise is NPC station at main road to Jita. now i have to deliver wh loot from many stations to home.
thanks :sunny:

i will exclude PI pearl from my supply necklace at this stage. i will kindly ask engineering complex’s owner to explain access assets and taxes thing.
iv)i thought maybe exist nice fairytale about these persons.
thanks :sunny:

Everybody lies, only EVE-U wiki tells truth, I like that.

Good luck.

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