Industry with a scary side!

We are TOG heavy industries! We are an industry focused low sec corp based in the Molden heath region. We are a smaller corporation part of a much larger alliance working on expansion. While we are mainly focused on industry it is required to have a combat pilot to take part in fleet ops and protect our space.

What we have to offer:

-Ore buyback
-No taxes for the corporation or alliance
-Moon, belt, and ice mining fleets in high, low, and null sec
-Individual and corporation based industry projects
-Tax free customs offices
-No forced donations
-Regular PvP and mining fleets
-SRP for fleet losses
-Skill training plans

Don’t know the game, don’t worry we can help you learn all of the aspects to get the most out of Eve.

What we require of you:

-18+ and speak English
-Active in game for fleets
-In coms on discord, a mic is required for fleet operations
-You are willing to learn, we do not need to reinvent the wheel
-Willing to answer the call for ships in PvP

If you are interested join our channel in game TOGHI Recruitment or contact a recruiter!

Or join our discord .PA Recruitment

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