IndustryCharts - Eve Online values in Excel


I created an Excel Workbook that allows acces to some EveOnline values via ESI that are interesting for calculating blueprints.
You can download the workbook including some DLLs that are needed from here:

I also create two simple instruction videos:
Example with simple calculations:

Summary of the functions that are added to Excel:

  • Material types and quantity necessary for production
  • Volume of an item stack
  • Buy/Sell price of an item stack in one of the 5 main trade hubs
  • Number of items in stock
  • Number of items in production
  • Number of items per type bought/sold in the last 30 days
  • Invention information including invention chance depending on a decryptor

Unfortunately the workbook works on windows only.

Since I have only a single Excel version for testing, I expect there to be still some errors in the software. Please let me know, if you encounter any problems.


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