Indy Corp Hiring Miners for HighSec

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Tradelink Systems Is a fast growing corp that needs to increase its mineral processing for ship building and thus needs to mine more HighSec asteroid and ice belts. Half our corp live in wormholes and half in HighSec.
We live in a system with 13 asteroid belts and are within 3 jumps of 4 ice belt systems. We own stations in system and have a buyback system that will buy all your Ore, Ice, Gas and PI.
We are now hiring Active Miners from anywhere in the world with any skill level. If needed we can help you establish a skill training tree to get into the ships and use the fittings you need to mine and make LOTS of Isk.
We use Discord for coms and provide security during mining ops along with Orca fleet boosts and a safe home base.
If you’re interested in joining, Join:Channel… Tradelink Hiring to speak to a member. Or send a corp application to Tradelink Systems, Or eve mail myself.
Chat to members Discord
Wormhole Miners needed Now !!

Lordsky Shimaya
CEO Tradelink Systems

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Sill hiring

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what sort of WH do you live in ?

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C4 Wormhole

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Still hiring for HIGHSEC operations atm…but please when applying to join state your reasons and why you will be an asset to the team, don’t leave blank, Blank applications are rejected.

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bump !

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Bump…Members needed

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still looking?

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Yes, contact me :slight_smile:

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Still hiring

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Hiring in the new year…

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Still Hiring

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Looking for indy Wormhole miners …

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Taking applications now

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