Tradelink Systems Hiring WH Miners and indy production

Experience and Explore Wormhole life

WH Corp looking for new active members to help as our production expands. We need miners for moon mining, Ore Belts, Gas Miners, Ice.
We operate in all time zones and have a great knowledgeable team that thrive on our social aspect.
Corp Buy Back system in place and you can also access manufacturing, research, invention and more in our citadels.
We have an established community that backs up each other and is a great chance to learn for other something different.
Wormhole experience preferred buy not essential …main requirement is that your active and want to make a LOT of isk while working with a great team dedicated to building a strong supporting corp.

Place your application today.

LordSky Shimaya
Tradelink Systems

Contact now and join us

Accepting Applications now

Interested message me

Still open to applications

Intrested contact me pl


I’m an absolute beginner who decided to be an efficient miner, so if you’re ok to bear with me while I familiarise myself with the game, I’ll be glad to join your corp =)

Please contact me if interested !

Will be in contact o7

Will contact you …cheers o7

Bump…Still hiring…

Still Hiring

pls message freddy9000

Hiring Now !

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