Indy toon for sale

(Andrei Fighter) #1
330000 free sp
positive wallet. no kill rights.
in npc corp ready for transfer.
50b start
65b BO

(Queen Darklighter) #2

55 bil

(Andrei Fighter) #3

good bid. ill wait till tomorrow if no one give more ill accept your bid.

Wts 51 ml pvp pilot
(Andrei Fighter) #4

bid accepted. waiting isk and info.

(Queen Darklighter) #6

ISK and Acct info sent. Waiting transfer

(Queen Darklighter) #7

Want to know when you will initiate transfer.

(Andrei Fighter) #8

I am at work atm. I come to home in around 10 hours.
and ill do transfer.
I forgot my cc at home. cant do transfer with out it.

(Queen Darklighter) #9


(Queen Darklighter) #11

Another scammer. This char has been extracted.

(ISD Yumi) #12

Closing thread. Pending GM investigation

(ISD Yumi) #13