Toon sold

Selling my Rorq toon,

Indy core V
cap indy ships V
just missing mining drone spec V for max yield (currently at 4)
Also has decent shield tank skills.

Positive wallet balance
in NPC corp
no kill rights
no jump clones
Located in High sec

19b offer.


21 bil


23 bil


25 bil



Daily Bump :slight_smile:

Going to accept the highest bid when i get home from work, in roughly 7 hours from now!

Almost can’t wait, ready to get online roughly in 8 hours right after dt.

Congrats Takanashi, Send over the isk and account info, then ill start the transfer :slight_smile:

Isk and account info sent. Does it matter that the account is in alpha now?

Transfer started, Enjoy :slight_smile:

Toon received

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