WTB Cyno or DST or Indy toon

I have a 5-18Bn budget, so I aim for a specialized toon. Either DST, Cyno, Indy/manufacturing or PI.

Any one of these roles on their own will make me happy.


Check out my post and make an offer.

Hi these are my skills

This pilot is dst, very good scanner, and cyno 5 but no cruiser skills. If interested answer here, i am in work and i cant checkin the eve mail.

Cyno V character checking in, feel free to stop by my thread.

Hey there! How much would be you looking for? :slight_smile:

offerfair, i need free the space and can sell if is a decent price. Ready for transfer

I think 20.2 is a decent price considering the prices of the last week, i pan purchase other toon with the 20, and 200m for the implants for the new.

All right, yes 20.2Bn works for me!

Would 24h be okay before I can send the payment?
Thanks in advance!

yes. tomorrow i were in work, but please answer the thread when you sent tthe isk and the account name.

I transfer as soon i come back to home.

ISK sent your way @Bo-Jerick_Torr

I sent you transfer details in game.

i try to do the transfer in an hour, and if i cant do in work, i do in six hours.

Transfer done, please answer the threadwhen you receive the eve real world mail or the toon.

Enjoy !

Hi! I’m a tiny bit worried given I didn’t get any email from EVE yet. The initial email announcing the transfer is usually quite fast, the longest part being the review/security check in.

I’ll check in a few hours again and let you know if anything changed. Hopefully I didn’t do a spelling mistake about where to transfer it!

Raise a ticket if not. Usually they respond relativelyfast with that type of errors. I always ask for confirmation beacause that happen, and th character is not in my account, i am sure if i logout the forums, i cant loin in again.

All right, I got the character! That is most suprising as I didn’t even get the EVE email.
Anyways, very happy, thank you! =)

Enjoy =)

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