WTS Rorq/Indy/Covops/Ishtar ratter pilot 110M SP

NPC corporation, high sec location
No kill rights
Wallet green
Start 85b

80B offer

85b offer

Aiming for atleast 90

I will sell for 90b

i have inject toon i withdraw my bid gl for sell it at 90b :slight_smile:

Was actually giving in on the 85b :slight_smile: oh well

Can you consider my offer of 80bil? :smiley:

Sorry, Im not in that kind of hurry to sell.

Bump for me


85b everyone, its a good deal. Daily bump

80.5B offer

83 and hes yours

83B BO

84 B isk

84B offer accepted.
Send isk and evemail with account name to this character and I will initiate transfer

Im up for grabs again as no response from buyer


Still for sale