Bidding starts at 15B with ending date this Saturday @ 0000 EVE time. Buyout @ 22B
Rorq skills need some more polishing but the big stuff is complete. Indy config 5, mining 5, etc.
JDC 5, JDO 5, Mining barge 5, Industrial 5, Mass production 5, excellent PL
Can fly Rhea and Ark.
1 remap and 1 bonus remap
Nice utility toon.
Sell conducted in accordance with CCP rules.
Pos security and Pos wallet, No killrights
Also this is very nice hunter toon/bomber toon.

13.5B ISK ready

thanks for the offer m8…someone needs this toon so gonna try to help someone get a nice miner/JF.

I need it too. Offer stands for a couple of hours at most. Otherwise, best of luck

not much luck needed. don’t bother to look again.

I like this one, 15.1B.

15.5 billion

16 bill

thanks for the bids.

Interested in a Hauler/PI character. 16.5bill

17 bill

Thanks for the bids. Getting close to the magic number.



bump to the top

My buyout is 25. How close can you get to that ???

Dropped buyout to 22B

gl i am out :slight_smile:


20B and we do business right now?