Hello hello!

I’m looking for a new base of operations and place to use my industry/mining skills! I’ve got a mastery level of 3 in exhumers and industrial command ships (I can fly your Orca and stuff!) and can even pilot a Rorqual if necessary. I’m also a level V Obie pilot for when you need to move all your loot and BPs to a new location. I seem to be ok with planet stuff, too, and have a few advanced industry skills.

I’ve never been banned and have played relatively well with Concord.
My fresh credentials are here:
I currently belong to an NPC corp and have about 109 ISK in my wallet.

Blaaaaaaah blah blah.

Anyway, you can own me now for the low, low starting price of:

7 Billion ISK with a buyout of 11 Billion ISK.

Thank you! Buh bye now.

Buyout of 11b accepted.

I’m in now, so if you’d like to send over the ISK and account information I’ll get it done right away.

20b offer

21b Offer

Will be on in 15 minutes for appropriate transfer details.

Looks like you may have some competition!

22b offer

@Lysta_Tys_Velk do you accept? Isk is ready and waiting

Transfer is completed!

21 Oct 2017 20:26

EVE Character transfer

I’ll update the subject.


That’s what I get for working Saturdays…

wow i didnt know u can make that much money reselling toons xD

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