Inevitable Outcome - WH PVP CORP


Happy Newyear! INOU is still recruiting!


Join us in the kicking of asses!



Unlimited potential for isk and content within your grasp!


Bump, come join the fun :slight_smile:

Come join the fun, Recruitment is Still Open!

Still recruiting, this is what you’re missing out on:


Still recruiting!!

Recruitment is still open!

a) Join ‘boohoo’ channel in game
b) Join our discord Server - Link in OP

To the top! Jump into some holes with us, there’s treats on the other side!

Recruitment still open!


Check out our latest whelp : Battle Report Tool (

We need you to pump those rookie numbers up.

We still open for recruitment.

HOLE IS GREEN looks safe enough

Still open for business lads.

Up she goes!

Still recruiting!

Still shooting the place up.

To the top! Come join us in the whelping!