Equal Opportunity Hate - WH PvP corp

EOH is a pvp focused Wh corp with roots going all the way back to 06, when our founder (currently an advisor) started playing the game as a hunter for 0.0 entities. Over the years he acquired a good amount of very skilled pilots and when WH came into being several iterations were created culminating in EOH and its precursor Symmetric Symbiosis. With that core group gone from the game we are now actively seeking pilots with experience and the SP to back it up to join us in the next leg of the journey.

We are interested in pilots able to fly the following vessels:

  • Drekevac at minimum with at least t2 weaponry (Leshaks are the endgoal so them with t2 is preferred as well as the Dreks)
  • Confessor or armor command destroyer/boosher w/t2 weaponry
  • If unable to fly a drek or leshak for non-cloaky fleets being able to fly a guardian/zarmazd or armor command ship will suffice as a substitute
    Other Requirements:
    -Pilots must be willing to be on comms with mic/headset during WH activity. (We use discord currently)
    -Pilots must be proactive, no F1 warriors, we want people out of the station doing things, looking for targets, not station spinning.
    -Pilots must be willing to use the mapper and update/probe accordingly.
    -Pilots must have at least 1 alt account capable of probing with a cov ops cloak.
    -Minimum SP of 5 million

— We are also looking for people to fill the following positions:
Industrial director
PvE director
Chief Personnel Officer
FC Trainee - US/EU
(these are all relative to experience, skills, capability and time active in corp, no positions will be immediately given, they come with a corp vote after until a trial period is achieved).

We may sound anal about requirements, but we know what we are aiming for and it isn’t going to start with waiting for newbs to get the skills we need to fit out the fleet. Instead we will only recruit those who fit the bill, no exceptions except in the mentorship program. In this way we will only get pilots able to fly in fleet, in doctrine, without a bunch of hassle getting fits tailored to each individual.

We are in reality a pretty laid back relaxed corp. We love the pew, but also love to just chill, smoke a bong and probe out the chain stalking people. Why, because we can, and its fun to have people thinking they are slick when in reality you are sitting there following them for 6 jumps in W-space back to their home. Always satisfying.

If interested feel free to join us in our recruitment channel " Haters gone Wild ". For more info feel free to contact Arkitekt of Destruction for any questions you may have. Thanks for your time, and have a bloody day killing stuff. Fly dangerously.
EOH admin.

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